Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Making Of Harry Potter!

HI girls!

There have been a lot of posts on the studios at Leavesden, but hopefully you won't mind another!! It was honestly one of the best days ever!! I have been a huge Harry Potter fan since I can remember and would read the books constantly and I have to say that the films were epic!! Since the Warner Brother Studios opened, I have been wanting to go so much! I am so glad that my parents got me two tickets to go for my Christmas. My dad said he had not idea why he booked my tickets for May, but it was definitely worth the wait!!

So we got to the studios at 2pm, which was early as our tour was booked for 3pm. I had been told that we should definitely go into the gift shop first to have a look around, so this was exactly what we did! It was the best shop ever!! Any Harry Potter fan would be in heaven! I could have bought everything... Thankfully I remembered that we still had the tour to do half an hour later. After getting the digital guide (which has loads more information about the studios and is basically an Ipod, I highly recommend getting it!!), we asked the lady at the start of the tour if we could go in now even though we are early and she let us go right through!! I won't talk much about the tour as I could just go on and on and on and on about it!!! So here are a lot some photos of the tour!!

Entering the Great Hall

The gates to Hogwarts

Harry's Dorm... Can you spot Harry's bed?!

Gryffindor's Common Room

Triwizard Tournament's Cup!

Staircase to Dumbledore's Office

Memory Cabinet

Dumbledore's Office

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Potions Classroom

Quidditch Robes

The Weasley's House

Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort

1. Look I have Butterbeer!!! 2. Taken a sip, trying to work out what it tastes like... 3. This doesn't taste like what I hoped, ie. that I would like it. 4. Oh Roberts still taking photos, smile!! 

Hagrid's Motorbike

Getting on the Knight Bus!

On the Hogwarts bridge

Harry's parents home


Diagon Alley!!


Hogwarts... Honestly seeing this castle made my year!!!! 

Sorry for the photo overload... The tour was amazing and I hope that if you are a Potter fan you will go and visit this someday, because it was just unbelievable! Everything I had wished it would be and so much more!! The gift shop is amazing and of course I bought a few things.... Hehe! Robert and I spent over 4 hours there, it was a great day!!!

Do you love Harry Potter?!


  1. This tour looks amazing! Awesome photos!

  2. OMG I love harry potter and I went last year and seriously that castle at the end had me in tears!! I'm so glad you went in the gift shop!!! I spent 7 hours there!!! hehehe


    1. Haha!! It was awesome! Robert got such a surprise when he saw it! i knew what was coming via other peoples photos and stuff, but it was just incredible!!! omg 7 hours!! lol I thought I was bad at 4!! Hehe

      Jen xxx

  3. YES! YES! I do love Harry Potter! looks like so much fun!


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