Monday, 25 February 2013

Away To The USA!!!

Hi girls!!

So when this is published I will be on a plane on my way to San Francisco!! I am sure most of you know that I am away to the USA for just over two weeks, and the time has finally come for me to go! Robert and I booked it way back in July, so it has been a long time coming!!

I have scheduled lots of fab posts for you all, while I am away, so definitely keep an eye out for them! I do have my laptop with me, so I will be able to reply to  your comments as per usual! 

I thought I would also give you a little run down of Robert and I's Itinerary, because its a busy one! We are staying in San Francisco for 3 nights and then getting an early flight to Los Angeles. Staying in Anaheim for 5 nights, but visiting LA while we are there, as we are hiring a car and are hoping we will get a Mustang!! My total dream car! hen we will drive down to San Diego for just two nights, we would have loved to get more time here, but are just so glad we get to go!! Then we are driving over to Las Vegas! We were there last year, but hardly saw any of it, so we have more time here and are staying 4 nights! Then it is sadly back home! 

We have just got so so much planned out for this trip and we have loads of tickets booked for it already! I don't want to give it all away, so you might just have to wait for the posts I will be doing when I return! Holiday posts are most definitely one of my most favourite to write about and also read! So I hope you enjoy them when they are on my blog! 

Also if you want to keep in touch with me or stay updated with our adventure, the best thing to do would be to follow me on Twitter and Instagram! As I should be updating that regularly! My usernames for both of them are @Jenstar_Blonde

So girlies I hope you all have a good couple of weeks and I shall be seeing you back in two weeks!! Woohoo! I shall miss reading all my favourite blogs!

Love, Jen x


  1. You lucky thing, totally jealous of you :) hope you take lots of pictures, and have fun!


  2. i hope you have an amazing time my lovely. i'm dying to go back to the USA and see more!

    charlotte xo


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