Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nails Of The Holiday!

Usually you will see Nails of the Day posts (NOTD), but in this post it is nails of the holiday, because my nails will last me the whole two weeks!!

I wrote a post about Calgel and told you all how much I love it! Well for special occasions like a holiday I treat myself and get a Calgel manicure! I love it, because it can last up to three weeks and it also helps me stop scratching at my eczema funnily enough! So I got it done and here is the amazing result!

Crazy Hand!! Haha

Flash on

I choose a really corally light pink colour (number 37 for all you Calgel lovers) and then a glitter called Candy Pink was applied over the top. The glitter is amazing through it, as it has loads of blue and purple sparkles and it just looks fab! The photos do not do the glitter justice at all!!! With flash on it looks a lot redder than it is, but that is because the glitter has darker pink sparkles through it and this is what is showing up! I love just how bright and girly it has turned out! What do you think?! I love it!! Hehe, I would definitely recommend Calgel to any one! Especially if you are looking for a long lasting nail colour, which does not chip AT ALL and is so much kinder to your nails than acryllic!

Have any of you girls tried a Calgel manicure before? If so let me know what you thought and what colour your nails were!

Love, Jen x


  1. Love the colour! Gorgeous with sprinkles, hope you are enjoying your holiday :)


    1. Thank you! I love the colour :D

      Jen xxx


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