Monday, 11 February 2013

Clothing Haul!

Yes another haul!! This time some clothes that I have picked up over the last few weeks! These ones will be for my holiday! So first up is two items from River Island.

I saw this cute little tshirt and just had to have it!! Its so cute, with the all over flower print and little top pocket for £15. I love tshirts like this from River Island, this one is quite boxy and baggy. 

This was the primary reason I walked into River Island, because I had seen this jumper online and just HAD to have it!! I was so pleased I found it!! I love the colour and the wolf on the front. Also one of my favourite songs is The Wild Ones by Flo Rida. So obviously it was just made for me!! I love how it is longer and its quite cosy looking too! This was £25.

I have been eyeing up these raspberry coloured jeans in Monsoon for ages!! They are a really interesting pink colour, which can be seen better in the second photograph. They are obviously skinny jeans (I don't wear anything else!) and are quite stretchy too! They used to be £39, but I got them for £15, as they were in the sale! Love the colour of these and are really comfy too! I just need to work out what will go with them now! Hehe!

Lastly I went to H&M, just to have a wee look and I spotted this little tshirt for just £7.99. It is cream with a mottled effect, which is all different colours (seen in the second photo). Tops like these are good to have, because they go with everything! Oh and sorry it is quite crushed at the bottom! Bad me!!

Have you been shopping for clothes recently and found anything good? I will need to force myself not to go and buy anything else, because I want to buy things when I am away in California!! I can't wait now!! In two weeks I will be in San Francisco!! Eeeek!

Love, Jen x

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