Sunday, 10 February 2013

MAC Give Away - What Could You Win?

Hi girls!! 

So today's post is basically what you could be winning if you enter my give away!! If you win I am letting you choose a MAC eye shadow and lipstick from their permanent range!! Well I went to MAC and bought myself my FIRST lipstick and FIRST eye shadow and I'm so excited to show you what colours I picked! Just think  I could be doing this for you next week! So here is my little MAC haul!

I will tell you about the eye shadow first! So I knew I was wanting to get a purple eye shadow, because I love purple eyes, but funnily enough have very little (if any) true purple eye shadow. With this in mind and after looking through some swatches online, I picked up Satellite Dreams, which is a Veluxe Pearl. Everyone knows how high the quality is of the MAC eye shadows and I can definitely concurr, this one is gorgeous ans so pigmented!

It is a gorgeous colour with two dimensions. With the flash on, it looks like a very bluey purple and then without flash it is very plummy. On the MAC website it is described as "plum with violet  pearl". This can most definitely be seen in the photos I have taken of the swatches below.

Without Flash/With Flash

So now onto the lipstick I chose! I wanted my first MAC lipstick to be one that I would wear a lot and so I went for a really pretty light pink! I chose Angel, which I am sure everyone knows is such a popular colour! Now I know why!! It is so pretty!

It is a gorgeous soft pink and is classed as a "Frost" , as Angel has a bit of shimmer to it. I also know why people love buying them, the quality of this is just incredible and even just the packaging is amazing. The lipstick feels so luxurious when your applying  and taking it out your bag! It just feels so sturdy and well put together!

Without Flash showing quite orangey/nude undertones/With Flash showing its true pinkness!

I am honestly so glad that I am going to be sending one of you lucky ladies two MAC goodies, because I am so so impressed with these two! I know whoever wins will be just as happy as I am! I loved going into the MAC store and looking at all the different products! I am excited to see which colours the winner of my give away will pick!! To get a sneak peak of what ones you could choose click here to go to the MAC website! Also let me know if you have your eye on any MAC make up at the moment!

If you want to enter my give away then click here and just follow the instructions on that post!! Good luck girlies!

Love, Jen x


  1. Gorgeous colours! I love the lipstick colour. I've never had a MAC product, but I would really like to try it out, gorgeous products you've got


  2. You chose some lovely colours, I'm especially liking the lipstick!!!

    1. Yea it is so easy to wear too!!

      Jen xxx


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