Wednesday, 10 October 2012

If I Were A Boy...

Hi girlies! 

Erin from Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink created this hilarious tag! This is her post. Here is my version!

I would be able to do more than one thing at once! For example while reading/texting/watching the tv/on the internet, I would be able to hear my girlfriend talk to me and be able to converse with her!

I would always put the toilet seat down!

I would also not talk about what happens in said toilet to a girl (because she does not want to know!)!

I would not find farting on a girl so hilariously funny!

I would be able to be serious at times rather than just find everything a joke.

I would not dance around naked after a shower, making a helicopter out of certain body parts. Boys, girlfriends do not want to see these things!

I would be confident about my body and most certainly would not stand in front of the mirror asking if I was fat. It really is only supposed to be girls that do this!

I would always be the big spoon!

I would love animals just as much as I do as a girl and would probably still talk baby talk to the cats! Real men love animals!

I would always remember if my girlfriend tells me something she would love to have and then make a list of them, so Christmas and birthday presents are easy!

I would definitely not mess around with a girl's heart.

I would not contradict myself and rules would be the same for girls and boys!

I would love football, but I would not be obsessed with it or let it rule my life!

I would hopefully know how to dress.

I would only drive manly cars, no girlie or crappy cars for me! No way!

Have you got anything to add of your own? 

Love, Jen x


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  2. The 'helicopter' dance is universal. My French husband performs it for me (whether I want him to or not... and trust me, I don't) every single day. That's right, Every. Single. Day.

    1. OMG!! you poor woman!! hehe that would drive me insane!! haha!! im so glad my boyfriend only does it occasionally! lol

      Jen xxx


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