Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Hi girls!! Well, since Friday, I feel as if life has been moving really fast and everything always happens at once! Mostly very good things!


First up I was at a friends engagement party on Friday night! As I told you all in my haul post from Sunday, I had a nightmare situation, in which I quickly had to get something to wear!! So below is the shirt and how I dressed it up! I was a bit worried  that I felt as if I was going to work in a fancy office, but Robert said I looked lovely and also my friends did too, so I was less worried about that!! Hehe!  

Necklace - Tiffany
Shirt - H&M
Belt - New Look
Skirt - Topshop
Watch - Fossil
Bracelet - Pandora
Rings - Accessorize
Bag - Accessorize
Tights - Accessorize
Heels - Schuh 

We had a great night, with great fun times music and of course loads of dancing!! In the end my lovely Robert came and picked us up and we enjoyed a much needed McDonalds on the way home!! 


I had a lovely lazy morning and then I got ready for my 4 hour shift at the shop! Everything went well throughout my shift, except when we were just about to leave... The alarm decided it wasn't working!! One of the managers and I ended up staying in the shop for nearly an hour after we were supposed to leave at trying to fix it and then finding out that we might have to wait between 4 and 6 hours for a maintenance man to come and fix it!! In the end we phoned the shopping centre control room and told them to keep an extra close eye on the shop, because our alarm could not be fixed until the morning!! So we finally left and I treated myself to my favourite Dominos Pizza and watched The X Factor on ITV+1! A good wee quiet Saturday night! 


By Sunday morning, the shop and all of its contents, were thankfully still there!! Hehe and the day went off without a glitch! Robert came and met me for my lunch hour and we had a good wee chat! I even got out early, as my manager made me take my time back that was owed for me staying late the previous night! So all was well!I went home and had a shower and then drove to Robert's as I was staying at his. Driving along fine on a road I have driven hundreds of times and I drive through a roundabout and clip the back tyre of the stupid kerb, that the roundabout shouldn't really have!! I was hoping that the wheel would be ok, so I got to Roberts I got out an obviously checked it. Now I have low profile tyres, because my car has big alloys on it, so you can't really see a lot of the tyre around it any way. I shouted Robert to come and see it and low and behold the tyre had a rip in it!! Jenson does not seem to like his tyres very much as at the end of June, one of his tyres had a bubble in it!! Read about that story here! I was so annoyed at myself for not paying enough attention to notice that stupid kerb on the roundabout!! So my Jenson was put in the driveway at Roberts until he could get Jenson his new tyre!


Monday was spent all day without a car! Not good at all! Robert was super busy all day and had no time to get a new tyre for my car, so I had to get a lift off one of our friends into work in the morning! Robert then picked me up after he had finished his work and took me home. It was my Granpa's 86th Birthday!! So I went up to see him and give him a present with my mum and dad! Then Robert picked me up and we went to our weekly pub quiz!!! We always love going every week. Our team is made up of; Robert, me, my mum, my dad, our friend Dave and his dad. It is a good team with a good range of ages, so altogether we know a big variety of subjects!! Well we did really well last night and came joint first! We should have come first easily as we had 3 more right answers written down before changing them! So we had a tie breaker question to see which team could win the roll over prize money! The question was this:

A surgeon took a photograph of what myth in 1934 that was believed to be true until it was proven not true in 1994?

Hehe, it was a tough one!! The two teams had two different answers and in the end our team had the correct answer! So well done to my dad for coming up with it!! Do you know what the answer is?! Tell me what you think it is in the comments below!!


Robert was able to get a new tyre for my car and now I am back on the road! Yay!! So that has been my weekend and my week so far! Hopefully it goes smoothly! I do not want any more disasters!! Especially not with my car! Touch wood!! Hehe

Love, Jen x


  1. Glad you got your car fixed. My door handle on the driver side is broke so I need to climb in from the passenger side. I'm sure people think I'm an idiot when they see me do it! Haha. And the pub quiz. Is it something to do with a monster? Xxx

    1. Haha!!! aww yea i would think it rather random if you i saw you doing that :P hehe!!

      Yes it is something to do with a monster :D

      Jen xxx

    2. The lochness. I'm pretty sure! Xxx

    3. You are correct! :D haha it was the photo of Nessie's "head and neck" coming out of the water! my clever dad won the quiz for us! The other team said the fairies picture! Do you remember that film?!

      Jen xxx

    4. Yes I loved this film!! I so totally believed it was true and told everyone about it haha xxx

  2. I remember when mums car broke, and she had to use the passenger door to get in! Such fun to watch :)



    1. Hehe that is so funny! Did u=you read the comment above?! Katie has to do the same thing right now! haha

      Jen xxx


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