Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Without Wax

Hi girls! No this is not a post about me not having any candles to burn, which is actually true by the way! Sad face, but anyway this post is connected to yesterday's post. You might have picked up on the fact that when I am writing about Robert if I type "I love you" into the post it is always ended by "without wax". I think this is a part of Robert and I's relationship that means so much and that is Robert's attention to detail (all be it only sometimes!). When he picks up on something it shocks me at times in a good way though! 

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Robert and I love the Dan Brown books, you know The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons etc. Well when he had finished reading Digital Fortress (well over 3 years ago now!), he all of a sudden started to use the phrase "I love you without wax". So I had to read the book again to understand what he was on about!

You may have missed it when you read the book, so if you did or you have not read it then there is basically a love story within this book, which is most definitely not the main theme of the book though. Throughout the book the main female receives faxes signed "without wax" from her boyfriend, which is the only code she cannot break and deos not understand what it means. The boyfriend does not want to tell her, but for the readers sake Dan Brown allows us to know! Here is a extract: 
But David knew he would never tell. The secret behind “without wax” was too sweet. Its origins were ancient. During the Renaissance, Spanish sculptors who made mistakes while carving expensive marble often patched their flaws with cera—“wax.” A statue that had no flaws and required no patching was hailed as a “sculpture sincera” or a “sculpture without wax.” The phrase eventually came to mean anything honest or true. The English word “sincere” evolved from the Spanish sincera—“without wax.” David’s secret code was no great mystery—he was simply signing his letters “Sincerely.” Somehow he suspected Susan would not be amused. 

In basic terms, when he writes "I love you without wax", it means that the love is without any flaws and is perfect. So cute right?! Robert and I still use the saying to this day and I think it will always be something we say to one another! Its the little things that make it special don't you think?!

I cannot wait to get to spend the rest of my life with this completely amazing man! He is oh so very good to me! Love you without wax!

If you have not read Digital Fortress then I suggest you do. It is a brilliant book and a good one if you love to get your brain going while reading! Click here if you want to have a little read before buying! Click look inside this book!

Oh also do you have any of these little sayings between you and your boyfriend/husband?

Love, Jen x


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