Friday, 12 October 2012

Oh The Places We Have Been!

So following on from Monday's post, I thought I would share with you the places Robert and I have been together! We have had loads of exciting times travelling around and plenty more to come!! 

First up I shall just say as we live in good old Scotland, we have travelled the length and breadth of the country, which is always fun. We love visiting Edinburgh and the surrounding area to visit the Deep Sea World. One of my most favourite and very early trips was to go up North and see the snow!! We had the most fun ever!

On November the 5th 2008, Robert and I decided that we just wanted to get away and go somewhere. Now we hadn't even been going out a month by this point, so we kind of had to make up a story to my mum and dad about where I was going!! So any way Robert and I decided we would drive down to  Liverpool! It was just gorgeous there and we went to the Beatles museum, which was a laugh! We then went over to Manchester and had a wee drive around and then went to the Trafford Centre. Now to this day to me that shopping centre is like Disneyland for shopping! It is just amazing! The next day we went to Old Trafford and took the tour, it was quite good! I think this trip made us fall in love, even though it was very very early on in the relationship. It wasn't long after this that we said it for the first time!

After that trip, we have taken so many random trips down to England! So in order, we have been to Newcastle, London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Manchester again, York, London for my 21st Birthday, London to get my car, Manchester and then London again for The Olympics!!

Our first trip abroad together was actually with our uni course and the took us to Finland, we had been together a year! It was a trip that could have broke our relationship mind you because we kept having silly arguments! On the last day Robert and I took a train to Helsinki and had an amazing time, so that made up for the week! The uni took us to all sorts of places though and it was really interesting and fun! Although I did not like the food at all!

We took a random trip down to Belgium and went to Brussels and Brugge, which we really beautiful places! On the way back up, this is when we went to Birmingham, Manchester and York! 

The summer after this we went to Palma for a week away in the sun! I was very much needed and we had a great time lounging around the pool and strolls around the city! We basically gorged out on ice cream, cheese toasties and chips, maybe not the best, but it was yummy!! Hehe!

Then came our big trip! In January of this year Robert and I went on an awesome adventure to New York, Hawaii and Las Vegas! We had the most amazing time! Please click the links to the posts I did about our trip!

New York Day 1New York Day 2New York Day 3Hawaii Part 1Hawaii Part 2 and Las Vegas! Be prepared for lots of pictures and lots of reading! We had such an amazing time! Honestly I would recommend Hawaii to anyone!!

Then in April we got to go to Madrid! I also did a post on our trip here!

I hope you enjoy the readathon I just set you up with!! Hehe, enjoy!!! Have you been to any of these places? Let me know where you have been recently!

Love, Jen x 

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