Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Hi girls!

It is Pinterest Time! Join in with the lovely Michelle from The Vintage Apple! Now I don't know if you noticed the title, but this weeks collection for me today is going to be yummy food! Just because I am in need of some food to make me cheery, so until dinner, these will just have to do!! Oh and before I start, I am so jealous of you Americans, because you always seem to have such yummy food, even if the things I like is unhealthy! So be prepared for a lot of sweet stuff here and probably just unhealthiness! Look away now dieters!! Hehe!

Pancake muffins?! With chocolate chips!

Cookies and cream cupcake!

Honey nut Cheerios! I could live on these!

Candied Pecans! Yum!

Oooo I had me some of this in Serendipity 3 in Las Vegas, it was soooo gooodd!

Pancakes with sprinkles!

Oh yummy

Hot chocolate chip cookie with ice cream 

Yay a healthy one! 

Ahh, all is well with a cheese toastie on your plate!

Chicken Fingers and chips from TGI Fridays! My favourite!

And again!

The end! I bet that made you hungry?! Didn't it!! Hehe it sure made my mouth water, now just to find out what is for dinner and then obviously what is for dessert! Teehee!

Love, Jen x


  1. Love e idea of frozen hot chocolates, and hot chip cookie with ice cream, yummy :)


    1. they are soooo good!! oh and pizza hut serve the hot cookie with the ice cream! the cookie like melts in your mouth! soo good, next time you are there you should try one!! if you havent already lol

      Jen xxx

  2. Ooooh, I want a bite of each and every one! Please? Haha xx

    1. hehe!! yea i know so do i!!! :D

      Jen xxx


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