Monday, 15 October 2012

My Weekend #2

Hi girls! Hope you all had a great weekend! So that was another weekend off from the shop and I had a great two little days!! Most of it was spent relaxing, as you do when you have some days off! 

On Saturday after a lazy morning I met Robert over at his house, as he had left mine earlier that morning to go pick things up for one of his jobs. Our nephew Robbie was there so while I waited for Robert to get back I got to play with him! He is so funny and asked why I was there and started to route through my bag looking at what was inside, before his Nana told him that you don't do things like that! He is so talkative and wanted to know where Robert was. He had just got a new hat and when he tried it on he claimed that he was just like Uncle Robert, because Robert always wears hats! It was quite funny! Robbie also looks very like Robert too, so it was true!

When Robert and I left, we went on a drive into town and as we hadn't had anything o eat we were so hungry!! I suggested that we go to the American diner type place that we had heard about and I had also read an article about in a magazine. However we could not remember the name or where it actually was!!! Que Robert driving around Glasgow searching for it! We were just about to give up in the West end of Glasgow, when we saw it!!

No we have not suddenly been transported to New York!! Although it felt like we were back there and yes the yellow taxi and cop car do live outside the cafe! So cool!! 

This cafe is just utterly AMAZING!! I cannot rate it highly enough! Robert and I were so hungry when we sat down, but after we had eaten about a third of our plates we were full!! Hehe! We ordered the most amazing milkshakes!! I got the Oreo cookie one and Robert got a Dime bar one. They were huge and so tasty! Obviously so unhealthy, I stupidly forgot to take a photo of them, they were served in huge american flag cups and had a tower of whipped cram on the top! To eat, Robert got french toast and nutella on the side and I got the buttermilk pancakes, with maple syrup and chopped banana on the side!! Haha at the banana to try and make it a tiny bit more healthy!! The portions were humongous!!! I'm not even kidding, Robert only managed one and a half slices (he got three), they were huge thick slices of bread! I only managed one and a half pancakes (I got three too) and they were the biggest pancakes I think I have ever seen! So yummy though!! We were so full when we left! We then just went back to mine and relaxed for a while, watching the telly and on the computer! We had a takeaway for dinner too! Naughty us, hehe! Watched Take Me Out and then The X Factor! Perfect Saturday I think!!

On Sunday Robert and I had a really long lie!! Probably too long, but hey, we work hard, so we are allowed!! Hehe! I didn't leave the house once yesterday! I got really really busy, tidying my room up! I completely gutted out my wardrobe and my room, which had got so over loaded and needed a good tidy! It took me the whole day and I threw so much out! It feels so good when you get the time to have a really good clear out . The cats were loving all the excitement of all the piles and going in and out of the wardrobe! I saw three spiders, which is the one animal I just cannot like. I had my trusty spider catchers though and only one little one escaped! Alice basically chased it along the wall until it decided it would just crawl behind my chest of drawers, so thanks Alice!!! The other two strangely enough were eaten.... She's a strange little thing I tell ya! Flo always decided to join in the fun, just when the fun is over, in this case just when Alice has decided to crunch the spider up into little pieces!! Yuck! 

For example...

Alice (little black cat) was playing with a pencil (the Ikea variety), which seems to be her favourite thing like ever! Especially if you place it in a shoe! Anyway so she is playing with this pencil in her bed, she notices Flo coming to investigate what she is doing, she stops playing. Mean old Alice, not letting Flo play her game! Flo gets fed up and wanders off, Alice is happy as she still gets to play with her pencil!

Any way! My room is now super tidy and I love it again! Any one else love getting their place tidy?! Hopefully it will not get messed up to quickly! If it does then it will be Roberts fault!! Haha!

Love, Jen x


  1. Hi, Jen! Happy Monday! :D Thank you so much for your sweet comment today! ;D

    We do have Tribeca here! I wonder if it's the same chain.

    And Gosh, I'd forgotten you live in Glasglow! It's my dream to visit it one day, I mean that's the home to Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura! You're such a lucky lady!!! :P

    Tight hugs!


    1. Your very welcome :)yea i wonder that too! well on the menus it says that they are a small family business, but i wonder if they are just saying that and they are in fact a chain!! hehe cheeky! yea glasgow is a good place to live :D

      Jen xxx


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