Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Think Pink Tag!

Hi girls! October is Cancer Awareness month, if you didn't know already!!  I was just tagged by Jen from All Things Bright and Beautiful
Ok so here are the rules of the tag:

1) Pick out your favorite pink food, make up item, fashion and random item.
2) Spread the message about breast cancer to a female friend/family in your life - the awareness, the symptoms, the checks, the healthy foods that helps prevent the disease... anything or everything! 
3) Write a blog post about 1 & 2, linking back to this post (and/or grab the cute button above!)!
4) Tag 3 of your blogger girlfriends to do the same!

Ok so here are my four favourite pink items!

Pink Food - Cupcakes!!

Pink Make Up - Benefit Posie Tint!

Pink Clothing - my River Island bright pink Jeans

Pink Random Item - Pink Gerbera Daisies

Next up is to raise awareness and I will just add this... If you feel like your breasts have changed in any way, whether it be different shape, a lump or your nipples changing in any way please go and see your doctor. If they have any worries they will send you to a breast clinic, so please don't be embarrassed by thinking that what your seeing or feeling is not important enough to see a doctor.

I found a lump down form my arm pit just at the top of my breast years ago, when I was 17/18. I wasn't sure if because I was so young I would be at risk. I was obviously a little worried. I went to see my doctor any way and he sent me to a breast clinic, where I had an ultra sound and a biopsy. The ultrasound was fine, the biopsy on the other hand was not so nice. They perform a biopsy on you when they are unsure of the lump just by doing the ultrasound. A biopsy is when they have to take a little bit of the lump out. Now in my case they basically put a big needle into the lump and tried to drain a little bit away. It was not nice at all let me tell you. It was quite sore and not something that I would like to have done again! Thankfully it turned out just to be something they call a "breast mouse", (hehe!) which is basically just a little cyst.

Around a year ago I had to go back to my doctor as the cyst had grown in size and also I had found a quite a big strange shaped lump within my other breast. Now before I go on let me tell you I have very small breasts, so it is really easy for me to feel and actually see any lumps! So I went back to the breast clinic and had another ultrasound done. The doctor thought that the lump within my breast was really strange and it turns out that I have a couple of cysts in there that are all joined together! Lovely.... Also the other lump was still benign. So thankfully I didn't have to have another biopsy done and again I am fine!

I just wanted to let you know my story and that if you do find a lump it is important that you should definitely have it checked!!! Also please do not freak out if you do find one, I remained calm all throughout both of those processes and tried not to think bad thoughts. 

Every 3 in 100 women will go to the doctors with a problem about their breasts. 

9 out of 10 lumps found are benign and are not cancerous.

The more awareness there is, about checking yourself and making sure everything is normal, the better!!

This was a great tag created by Blush and Brunch , click on that link to see the tag that she created!! So a very big well done to that great blog!!

So now I get to tag 3 people to take part!

Georgia from Georgiabeee

Obviously I also tag all of you as well!! Let me know if you have done this post! Lets all raise as much awareness as we can girlies!!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Love cupcakes!!!!



  2. aww thanks so much dear for doing the tag, love all your answers - that cupcake looks amazing right now.
    also thanks for sharing your experience with breast cancer awareness. i have to say i'm still not sure exactly how to check for lumps or potential abnormalities, but reading more about other girls' experiences like yours is really helping. thank you :)

    also don't forget to drop a comment on my "think pink" tag blogpost, because i'm giving away 2 pretty pink bottles of OPI nailpolish. especially since you did the tag, i'd love to have you join the giveaway too!

    rachel x

    1. Hey your welcome!! :) lol i know doesn't it look so yummy!! Ooo i shall have to come and check that out!! :D

      Jen xxx

  3. Wow, thank you for sharing your experience. Thankfully it didn't turn out to be breast cancer! Loved reading your responses!

    1. Thank you :D yea i know! scary times!!

      Jen xxx


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