Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Partayyy!!

Hi girls! 

So Sunday was the shops Christmas night out!!! This meant fun, laughter and dancing was to commence! Woohoo! In this post, I spoke about not knowing what to wear for the night out, well I gave you some options of what I liked and I chose number 3!! You can see how it looks on further on in this post! I didn't even get to try it on until I had to get ready, so thankfully it looked good on! Ok so onto my Face Of The Night!!

Primer - Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Foundation - No7 Intelligent Colour
Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection
Blusher - Benefit Sugarbomb
Highlighter- Benefit Sun Beam

Under Eye Concealer - Garnier Anti Dark Circles
Eye Primer - Benefit Lemon Aid
Eyebrows - Benefit Instant Brow Pencil
Eye Shadow (all over lid) - L'Oreal Colour Appeal in Metal Plum
Eye Shadow (outer corner) - Benefit Smokin Eye Kit, grey/silver eye shadow
Highlighter (brow bone) - Benfit Sun Bean
Highlighter (inner eye) - Benefit Eye Bright
Eye Liner - Benefit Bad Gal Liner
Mascara - Maybelline One By One Volume Express

Lip Stain - Benefit Posie Tint
Lip Gloss - Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in Golden Rose

So a Christmas dinner was booked for the 14 of us at Maggie Mays, which is a really nice bar/restaurant in the Merchant City part of Glasgow. We had a great meal with crackers being pulled, a few mini moustaches being put one (from the crackers!), Christmas hats falling off heads, loads of laughs and some alcohol being drunk! At around 11pm most people were away home, so six of us headed off for some dancing! Woohoo! We ended up going to The Polo Lounge. Now I had never been before and only a few of the girls had, I was a bit sceptical about going there, because it is a gay club, but we had a great time!! The drinks were really cheap and they played a great array of music, so we were all happy! Here are some photos and my dress!

Dress - River Island
Heels - New Look

End of the night photo!

And that was my awesome Christmas party! I had to go to work the next morning at 9am, so I was pretty tired! It was well worth it though! Have you had your works night out or been to any Christmas parties?! I am so in the Christmas spirit now! Just need to buy the presents still and then I will be sorted! Phew!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love your eyes and lips on here!! So nice! Hope you had a good night. Xxx

    1. Hey! Thank you lovely :D have been missing you!! Where have you gone? :)

      Jen xxx


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