Friday, 14 December 2012

My Christmas Tree!!

Hi girls!!

Santa has an intruder in his light up sack....

So I finally got my tree up!! Yay! Last night I was just determined to put it up, when I got home I was searching around for the boxes and realised they were up in the loft. So then I searched around for the ladders to get up into the loft... No luck, Robert or my dad had taken them away to a site they have been working on. So when Robert came home he made me a ladder!!! It was so funny! He just said he had enough wood in his van (Robert is a joiner by the way!) and out he went and came back in with this huge wooden ladder!! Sadly I did not get a photo of it for you, but I thought it was so funny!! Robert then went up into the loft and brought me the boxes down! And yes we do have a tree that lives in a box all year round and gets let out at Christmas ie. a fake Christmas tree!

We have always had a fake tree, less mess and is just easier and also is cheaper because we don't need to buy a new tree every year! I love the one we have just now. Its one where you have to put the branches in one at a time! I have built it so many times now that it is easy and I do find it fun! So it begins like this....

Already under it!

A sneaky Alice trying to hide!

Tada! Tree is up and ready to decorate! 

Lights on and it always has to be white lights!

Get out of my tree!!

Cream and Silver beads.

Then its onto the cream and gold ribbon, bows, flowers and other bits that just sit on the branches of the tree!

Here is the mixture of baubles we have, lots of single special baubles and then a variety of multiple ordinary baubles! As you can see our theme is golds, creams and reds!

The cats just love the tree!

And what goes on top of the tree I hear you ask?!

A fairy! Obviously we have to but a light up her skirt too! It would be rude not to!

And there is my tree! Yay!

Some of the ornaments and look one all the way from America (see this post)! Thanks Holly!!

A happy Flo beside her tree!

So what do you girls think?! Did I do a good job? I'm so glad I finally got to put it up! Have you put your tree up and done a post? Then link it below, because I would love to see it! 

Love, Jen x


  1. Love the Christmas tree, your cats are very mischievous !


    1. Thanks lovely and yes they are very mischevious!! hehe

      Jen xxx

  2. Haha, that's so funny that he just randomly made you a ladder!
    Do your boyfriend and dad work together? The tree looks fab, really tastefully done :)
    Hope you're well lovely.
    Mel xx

    1. Hey! yea well my dad has a restoration company and when he needs joiners he just asks robert, but sometimes he will see my dad more than me!!! haha

      Thank you! i love my tree!! hehe I am well thank you hope you are too lovely!!! :D

      Jen xxx


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