Monday, 17 December 2012

My Christmas Wish List!

Here are some things I am wishing for this Christmas! Robert take note!! Hehe!

1. Real Techniques Brushes!! I have been desperate for some of these since I started blogging, but still haven't been able to buy any!! So now is the time! Hopefully! I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for some of these!

Courtesy of!

2. A Gilet! If you remember this post, I was talking about wanting a gilet to keep me cosy in winter and I wasn't sure which gilet I liked best! Well I finally decided which one ut of the five I talked about in the post! I would love the Fat Face Gemma Gilet in Charcoal for Christmas, or even a fat face voucher because I love their clothes because they are so comfortable! That's how I roll! Here is the gilet I'm wishing for though!

3. A Debenhams Gift Card! Does this sound really boring?! Haha, it is so I can use it at the beauty counters. It would be too hard to explain to Robert or my dad what things I would like from there, so a gift card would so awesome to get. Then I could get some things from Yves Saint Laurent, MAC, Benefit and Chanel!

4. VIP Tickets to Universal Studios in Hollywood! I cannot wait to go here in March! I am totally wishing to get tickets for Robert and I to do the VIP Tour around the studio backlot and get onto all the rides without waiting. So just to clarify... I would want to go to Universal Studios on the Friday the 1st or Saturday the 2nd of March... Just to let you know Robert!! Haha!

5. A Cat Tree! Now this is obviously not for me, its for my cats! Shhhh its going to be a surprise for them! It's quite a big one too, so I am just wishing for my little babies to be so excited and play all over it!! I can't wait to see their faces when it is all built up!

OK so that is my little wish list for Christmas! Can I also just say, I'm not expecting anything and I will be so grateful for any gifts I receive, just a bit of fun and what I'm wishing from Santa!! Hehe! What are you wishing for?! I would love to know!

Love, Jen x


  1. I am really hoping to get some real techniques brushes too! the cat tree is so cute! haha

    Georgia x

    1. I am so so so desperate for some! I was showing them on the boots website to robert and was like its theseeeee ones!!! haha keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!!! lol and yea its cute but very tall im sure they will love it!!!

      Jen xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Keeping my fingers crossed! hehe

      Jen xxx


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