Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Magic of Christmas Day!

Hi girls!! It already feels like Christmas Day was ages ago!! I hate this feeling! So I thought I would keep a little memory of my Christmas Day this year on my blog! So here it is!

Robert and I woke up at 6am.... Very early for me, but we were both quite excited about the day ahead, so we got ready and drove down to Roberts house. When we got there everyone was still asleep and we had to just wait in a present filled living room until people stated stirring at 7am! As soon as our nephew Robbie was up, you could here him "has Santa been?! Has he been?!". So funny to see his excited little face when he walked down the stairs! Robert gave his mum and sister (Robbie's mum) a lump of coal that had been left for them by Santa! Robbie exclaimed that Santa was bad for giving it to them!! So we then moved onto the living room and his little face was such a picture!! Just so cute! He is going to be 3 in February so for him it is just all so magical!!

Robbie and his mum Cheryl!

Very excited about this!

And especially this pirate ship!

His batman costume!

So after the toy shop that just erupted out all over the living room floor, we headed back to my house to open our presents! Yay! I was super excited to give out the presents that I had bought my mum, my dad and to Robert! I bought my mum a new Pandora bracelet and charm, a YSL eye shadow palette and a couple of other little things. Robert and I got my dad tickets to see the New York Knicks at Madison Square Gardens! My mum and dad just went to New York today, the lucky devils, so they get to see the Basketball game on Tuesday night! I got Robert Formula One tickets, which he was super excited about and then also a couple of other things, like aftershave and a Scalextric track! So we all did well. I will show you girls what I got in a post soon! Here is where all the presents were on Christmas morning...

Hiding under the Christmas tree!! After the big opening, we all had to get ready to go pick up my granpa and go to the restaurant for our Christmas lunch at 1pm! We went to a restaurant right round the corner form my house called Flemings. So it was Robert, me, my mum and dad, Robert's mum and dad, my granpa, Roberts sister Cheryl, her fiance Scott, Robbie and a close family friend Rose! So there was 11 of us and it was great fun, all of us chatting away having a laugh and eating our Christmas dinner!

Robert's mum and Robbie!

I thought I would just go for quite a fresh look for my make up. So for my eyes, I used Stila In The Garden eye shadow palette, for cheeks I used Benefit Dandelion and on my lips I used an Accessorize lip gloss in Temptation.

We left the restaurant at 4pm and then Robert, my mum and dad and I just went back to my house to relax, watch tv and for me eat more food!! Hehe! So we had an amazing Christmas day, which was just so much fun and also full of family! Hope everyone else had a great Christmas Day! Can't believe it is all over already!

Love, Jen x


  1. Lovely post, I hope you had a lovely Christmas, looks like Robbie certainly did!!


    Have a happy new year

    1. Thank you I did!! Hehe yup :D Hope you did as well!

      Jen xxx


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