Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Want This Winter!

Hi girls!

So my winter want is most definitely a Gilet!!! Or should I say a body warmer?! Haha Robert was asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I said I wanted a gilet. He was like what on earth is that?! So I then answered that it was a puffy jacket type thing with no sleeves with a snuggly hood preferably with fur round it. So he replies oh you mean a body warmer?!? Haha it was so funny, I just wouldn't ever call it that! Also does anyone have any idea why they are called a gilet? I know it is a French word, but it is quite a strange word isn't it?!

I have composed a list for your viewing pleasure of the gilets I like, as so far I can't really pick one out I like the most. Maybe you could help me? What ones are your favourite?

Option 1 - Fat Face Gemma Gilet for £72. However I like three colours! Haha I can't choose between the Charcoal, Mulberry and Navy!

Option 2 - Joules Alana Gilet for £99.95, in Purple, but the hood has no fur.

Option 3 - Hollister Pearl Street Vest for £79, in Red. Looks super cosy with its sherpa lining!

Ok so help anybody?! I just love the idea of winter days with a big warm hoody on with this over the top, it would just keep me so snuggly warm! Don't you think? Maybe not the most fashionable look in the world, but hey I go for more comfort and also practicality over fashion about 98% of the time! Hehe! I think I love the Fat Face ones the most actually, but the colour of the Joules one is super pretty and I will always love Hollister! So what are your favourites? Or if you have any suggestions of any others that you might have seen then I would love to know about them!

Love, Jen x


  1. Replies
    1. Oooo thanks :) i think i am swaying towards that one too! lol :D

      Jen xxx


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