Tuesday, 11 December 2012

When Am I Ever Going To Be Ready For Christmas!!!

Hi girls! Hope you all had a good weekend! 

I on the other hand was working away as per usual! Especially now that we are super busy in the shop because of all the crazy Christmas shoppers! I have still not started the Christmas shopping and today it is only 2 weeks, yup TWO WEEKS until the big day! I really need to get a move on don't I?

My house has not been decorated as yet! I always love just having a day, where nobody is around and I can put the tree up myself. Sadly this year a day off is most definitely not likely, so I will need to put it up one evening. I like putting it up myself  because then I can focus on making it look perfect! It needs to look perfect! Haha and I don't like it when people move the ornaments around after I have done it! I can't wait to put it up and hopefully it will be very soon and of course I will take some photos for you girls! For now I am putting up some inspiration, which will help me this year in making the tree even more pretty!!

Fully inspired!! Although hopefully we won't have another year like last year, where the tree decided to fall down once or twice making me not very happy! It was the cats first Christmas so I think they got a little excited over this big tree in their living room, so hopefully they got their excitement out of them last year and we will have no tree falling this year! Naughty kitties! Also can I just say this is the first year I have not had an Advent Calender!! I just never got a chance to go to the supermarket and pick one up! I am missing not getting a little chocolate treat every morning terribly and it kind of doesn't feel like December without it!! Boohoo! 

On another Christmassy note I need to get a dress for the shops Christmas night out, which is on Sunday and I still do not know what to wear, so yes I need help! We are going out for dinner and then will be going out to a club for a good dance, so a dress is the preferred option here. I have a few ideas, so let me know what you think!

Purple Split Sleeve Ruched Dress, £38, River Island

Also in Cream, £38, River Island

Grey Futuristic Print Bodycon Dress, £25, River Island

Red Lace Insert Plunge Bodycon Dress, £32, River Island

Yes all from River Island, but for me just now it seems to be the place to go! Hehe, so which one do you like girlies?! And yes I do love bodycon dresses!! The first two also have a tie at the top, which you tie in a big bow, so very cute! The last one means I would also need to buy a strapless bra. I'm not sure though! I do love the third one though, it has cute gems scattered over the front and is also the cheapest! Quite good for only £25, don't you think? 

What one is your favourite? Also wish me luck on finding time to put up the Christmas tree!!! Yay!

Love, Jen x


  1. i feel ya on not having time to decorate this year. i do have my christmas tree up but i still have my outside wreaths and two smaller trees. i'm to the point that i am wondering if it will ever get done.

    i also have not done my christmas shopping. i've gotten three gifts. i mean at least that's a start but i still got lots and lots to do.

    oh and i LOVE the purple dress. those glittery cuffs on the sleeves are to die for. but i do like the third one, too. you gots a hard decision to make.

    1. At my house all we do is the tree and then mabye some small ornaments around the living room, but thats all!! As soon as i get a house with Robert it is going to be Christmas everywhere!! lol I will get it done at some point and so will you :)

      Well your ahead of me then!!!! haha zero presents bought still!

      Yea the purple dress is pretty, i will have to see if i can still get it!! I think i will probs end up going for the thrid one to be honest though! lol

      Jen xxx

  2. Love he dresses and Christmas trees! I don't know if new look still do it, but there is a 50% off party wear! I brought a dress and shoes for £17 when the shoes were £19.99 and the dress was around £20


    1. Thanks for telling me that!! lol i shall have to go and investigate!

      Jen xxx

  3. Replies
    1. lol i will need to see if i can still get it, cause it was sold out online!! eeep!

      Jen xxx


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