Saturday, 6 April 2013

23 Things Before 23 Recap!

Hi Girls!! 

Well its my Birthday tomorrow and I turn 23 (eeep!!), so it was about time I posted about how I got on with my 23 Things Before 23 challenge! I had to come up with 23 things that I wanted to do before I turned 23! Here is a reminder of what they were and how I got on!!

1. Finally graduate university! - I graduated university in November! 

2. Go to California! - We had the time of our lives in California at the end of February and during March!

3. Speaking of going to gorgeous beaches in California, I would really really love one of these when we are there:

Tiffany! Uhuh. Robert knows all this already anyway! Honestly its about time he does it, I mean it will be four and a half years of being together. So yea the time has come! Robert you have been told love! Hehe! - Ok so before. we went on our holiday I knew this was not going to happen. It will definitely happen one day when Robert has the money to buy it and not going on a really expensive holidays!! Haha

4. Go to Disneyland Resort! - We were there for two days in March and it was totally amazing!!!

5. Drive around America (well California, Nevada and Arizona) in a Mustang!! - We got one!! His name was Roo and he was pretty awesome!!!

6. Visit the Grand Canyon! I'm so excited, especially as we are driving to it and not on a silly tour bus!! - Ok so Robert and I did even better than drive to it, we went on a helicopter and landed inside the Grand Canyon. It was completely unbelievable!! 

7. Go to the Harry Potter Studios this year! - So sadly we never made it there, but we have tickets booked to go and see it in May!! So I will definitely be going soon! Yay!!

8. Go to the London 2012 Olympics! - That feels like so so long ago! Robert and I were lucky enough to go to 5 events down in London and it was just amazing to have been there!!

9. Keep blogging my heart out! I love my little blog and I never thought it would be what it has become! Thank you all very much for following and reading my posts! - This one has been easy!!! I love everything about blogging, so it would be impossible to stop!

10. Hopefully reach 200 followers by April!? - Nope, but you have 180 followers, which is amazing!! Thank you all so much for following my blog it means so much!

11. Have a house/flat with Robert! Honestly we need one really badly! I cannot wait until one pops up and it can be ours! - This one is also a no, but we now know we can get a mortgage! Woohoo, so it is just a matter of time until we find one we love!

12. Have watched all the Desperate Housewives episodes again! I am currently watching season 2! I can't believe how much I have forgotten about what happened! - Yea this was an easy one! I watched them all again within two months or something!! It is a great show!

13. Keep up with my spending ban!! I'm gonna do it guys!! - I did it!! I finished it in January and was very proud of myself for completing a 6 month spending ban!!

14. Get a career.... - Ok so I do have a career, but really its more like a job at the moment!

15. Ok know what you want to do as a career?! Help anyone! I hate being one of these people who have just no clue at all what they want to do! - And I'm still not sure of this either!! Oops!

16. Use my Lilly Pulitzer planner until its blue in the face! Ok maybe that's not the right phrase... As it is kind of already a bit blue, but what I mean is make sure you use it! But I know I definitely will because its fabulous!! Come see the post I wrote on it here!! - Ok so I ended up not using this by October, the format just didn't work for me, but I have found one that is!! My Erin Condren Life Planner is amazing!!

17. No longer work 7 days a week, because doing that is hard and tiring and I never get time for myself! That is why I want to do number 14/15! - Ok so this one has not been done either. I love both my jobs and seem to ot mind working 7 days a week! I have been doing it for nearly 3 years! Why stop now?!

18. Get back into horse riding! I absolutely adore it and haven't been in ages! I miss it so much! I have been riding my whole life, so when I don't ride for a long time I miss being around them! - Sadly I have not done this one. I really would love to start back again! 

19. Spend a whole day with my lovely Robert in bed watching all 8 of the Harry Potter films! Pretty please Robert this would be so fun! Haha. - Oh darn, we never did this, probably because I never get a day when I'm not doing anything and Robert works all the time too! Hmmm, I will need to find a way to do this! Maybe before we got to the Harry Potter Studios!!

20. How about get a Mac book pro for Christmas? - Ok so I never asked for one for Christmas, mostly because my dad got a new laptop and it seems to have been adopted by me! Hehe!

21. I need a new phone! Like the one I have is absolutely rubbish! I think I will just have to get an iphone and I will get a really super pretty cover for it like this! - Yay I got an iPhone 5 in January, but I am still trying to get this blooming cover! At the moment I think it is only made for 4 and 4s, so I am patiently waiting for my pink kitty cover! I do have a case on it just now, bt I want a kitty one! Haha!

How cute!!!! 

22. Be happy and feel good about myself! Try and wear make up more often, as it makes me feel nicer! - Well I feel as if I have done this one! My skin feels better than what it used to be (touch wood!) and I wear make up more often as my skin is good! So that makes me happy! Yay!

23. Make Robert and I's relationship the best it can be! - Done! Robert and I are i such a good place right now! Happy chappies! Hehe!

So we should add up how I have done! I got 13 out of 23!! So it could have been better! Although I am really pleased as I did some things that were just completely amazing once in a life time type things! Also I didn't get a full year at it, I will be doing another one of these for next year, and I will get a full year to complete it! Some of the things I never did in this one, might be in my next one, but only ones that are really important! How did you girls think I did?

Love, Jen x


  1. Oh how random, I typed in your blog address and started commenting away on a couple of your posts...and then I realised they were from back in November!? Not sure what happened there, I did find it slightly strange, as I was sure I'd read the 'How well does Robert know me' one before! Haha.
    The Lily Pulitzer planner is so pretty! What didn't you like about it?
    I think you've done pretty well with your 23 things, I usually write these lists and then forget all about them!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope you have an amazing day and get spoilt rotten, can't wait to see what pressies you get! My birthday is on Thursday so we're not far apart :)
    Mel xx

    1. hehe!! Its so nice to know that people look at your older posts to though dont you think? :D I used it and loved it and just ended up not enjoying using it. The days are laid out as what most diaries are, with about 6 lines to write on and I just ended up not liking it what i was writing about etc lol. I love my erin condren planner!!! so awesome!!

      Thank you :)I liked the fact that the list was on my blog, so i couldn't really forget about it! hehe Thank you so much! I had a fab day :D ooo we are very near eachother!! Hope you have a great day too!!!

      Jen xxx


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