Friday, 12 April 2013

A Chat & Some Pretty Pictures

So where to begin! Since my Birthday I have been feeling a little distracted from my blog (not that you girls would have really noticed to be honest!) and mostly due to a certain birthday present from Robert (you will find out what when I publish my haul post!). As much as I love my blog and the blogging community, sometimes its good to have another distraction from everything else going on. I work, work and work some more and have very little time to actually do something just for me and blogging takes up such a big part of that time, which obviously I don't mind at all. 

I am the type of person who goes through phases, which will change at the drop of a hat. One month I will be obsessed with a certain thing and the next month it will be something completely different. I'm sure there are loads of other people that are like this and you become distracted and delve so deep into the topic, but then all of a sudden *poof* your not interested any more. Its a funny thing isn't it? I have no idea why it happens, whether you become obsessed with something else or you just tire of the topic. This happens to me quite a lot with tv shows, certain songs, things to do with Disney, a make up brand, a game etc. I could go on and on, but one thing it has not happened to is my blog. My little blog, my corner of the internet where I can publish posts on anything I want, anything that has come into my head, something I am currently obsessed over. 

When I first started my blog nearly a year ago, it was an obsession. Its a Blondes Life was something that fuelled my imagination, gave me a determination I never really knew I had, as I tended to give things up quite easily. It became a space for me to keep my memories, keep adventures alive, remind me of what I had done and achieved and it grew into something way more than an obsession, it has become one of the biggest parts of my life and I strive to make it better and keep it updated with new posts. I absolutely love my little blog, its like a baby that I have to care for. I never really knew what to expect from starting it, but what it has become is something so much more than what I thought. 

The community that blogging has is just amazing, I cannot speak more highly of it. I have made some proper friends, who know more about me than my "real life" friends do, because of course Robert is still the only person who knows about my blog. Of course I am not ashamed of it, but it is because I am also a very secretive person, I like spending time in my own company in my own little world sometimes. Right now, I still don't want to share this amazing world that I have found and that I am now a part of. Blogging is something I feel that I can never give up or move on from, because it is just so important to me and I feel my blog is a part of me, which of course it is, as its mine. When you have something like that, you can't let it go.

I think I will just leave it there for today, a little bit of my heart and soul on this blog. And so not to disappoint from the title of this post, here are the pretty pictures I spoke of. Courtesy of, go to this site, it will make you smile. Enjoy...


Love, Jen x

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