Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Las Vegas Day 4: Hoover Dam!

Our last day!

Our flight to Heathrow was not until 9.40pm that night, so we had the whole day to tick a couple more things off our check list!!

We first of all drove down to the Famous Las Vegas sign!!

I also got Robert to take a few photos of the Mustang because of course this was the last day we had with it!! 

Aww, we miss that car!

From the sign, we then continued South and drove to the Hoover Dam!! Las Vegas is about 40 miles from the dam and it was such a lovely day for a drive! When we got to the Dam it was weird as we had seen it from the air, when we were on our way to the Grand Canyon, just two days before! It had been pretty impressive from the air, so it was amazing to actually see it properly!

It is a huge structure and the bridge you see above has just recently been built! It is quite cool though, because supposedly the border of Nevada and Arizona go right through the middle of the Dam. So on each side of the bridge there are two clocks showing the time of each state!!

Which apparently by the clocks is only 10 minutes... I think there is an hour difference though!

We never went into the museum sadly, but ended our trip with lunch at the little cafe!We then headed back to Vegas to have a wonder around for our last few hours of being in America!! So we went for our last Pinkberry!! Oh how I miss that scrummy yoghurt! I always got the original flavour with strawberries, coconut, cookies and cream and graham crackers! So so yummy!!! Robert always got the chocolate hazelnut flavour with all the chocolate toppings!! Haha! 

We then had a last wander through some of the hotels and then sadly went back to the car and headed to the car rental at the airport! I said goodbye to the horses on the motorway....

Bye bye horses!

Then we said goodbye to Roo! We would so have taken him home with us if we could! It was so cool driving a proper American car while we were in the USA!! 

Bye bye Roo!!

We then got the shuttle bus to the airport and made our way through security! We then had our dinner at Burger King (I really wish they had more choices a airports!) and relaxed and talked about the amazing time we had had! By this point of being away for 15 days we were ready to go home, but we knew we were going to miss our time there! We ended up having just over $30 left in our pockets, so Robert was kind enough to say to me to go get something from duty free! It had a lovely MAC counter and I could have bought two things with it, but just got one, so we went home with $15! That is for our next trip!!!

We luckily had a row next to a window to ourselves and this flight was so so much better than the one we got to San Francisco. We spent our time watching loads of films (Wreck it Ralph is so good) and also I got some sleep! When we landed in Heathrow, we ended up having to go back through security, which was ridiculous because had just off a plane and had been on air-side for over 17 hours (including flight time). So thankfully our flight to Glasgow had been delayed, otherwise we would have missed it due to the queues in security!! It wasn't delayed for long and we were soon flying home!

I really hope your girls have enjoyed reading about our amazing adventure!! We had the best two weeks of our life!! I have loved writing these posts and it means I will remember them forever! Watch out for my haul posts soon... I bought quite a lot!! Hehe!

Love, Jen x


  1. I've loved these posts. The holiday must have been fantastic! I am sooo looking forward to the haul posts!

    1. Thank you so much!! I am glad you enjoyed them that means a lot! :) Hehe you wont be disappointed :D

      Jen xxx


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