Wednesday, 24 April 2013

April Is The Month Of Hauls!

So yea this is the fifth haul post this month... I do have an excuse though!! My holiday hauls at the start of the month were things bought in March and my Birthday haul doesn't count cause I never bought any of it. My beauty haul from Saturday does count and the New Look items further down the post were all bought on the same day! Oh well here is the haul!

I wanted to show you some of the things I have got recently from Monsoon. The first item is a jacket! It is actually so cute on!! It is a short rain jacket, which is really light, so perfect for spring! I love it, as it has toggles around the waist, which obviously shows off your shape! It is a really nice colour actually (Monsoon call it Mink) and it goes with all colours so no matter what I'm wearing I can through this on! I have been really enjoying wearing it! Its £59 and is worth it as it is so well made!

So this next item, is probably my favourite pair of trousers I own. They are called the Millicent Floral Print jeans and are basically the ok?! I absolutely love them and yes they are skinny jeans and the print is amazing and the colours are so pretty! When I wear them I walk around feeling all summery! These jeans are £45.

There are even little birds through the print! So cute!!

I also got this stone coloured cardigan, which has lace detail down the back. It is really floaty and can easily be used in so many different outfits. This is £39.

Lastly I bought a Sadie vest top, which Monsoon have in loads of colours, this one is my favorite and is a really pretty cornflower blue colour (some people say its lilac). It definitely looks more purple in the photo, but in real life its blue! It also matches the jeans perfectly! This is £16 and just fits so perfectly! A great buy!!

Ok so now onto the sneaky shopping I did in New Look! Hehe! Just some casual things here. First item was a bright pink marl effect hoody, which I love! This was £14.99.

I then picked up this basic tshirt, which is a corally pink colour. Its great because its more fitted than other tshirts I have, which makes  a nice change to a baggy one! This was only £4.99!

The next two tshirts were in a deal, you were able to choose two printed tshirts for £15. Obviously I could not resist (seeing as I'm addicted to buying tshirts...). Basically one has a pretty blue pattern and the other has a pink paisley print on it! There were loads of different tshirts to choose from, but these two were my favourite!

Let me know what you think of the Monsoon items! Oh and also tell me if your just as addicted to buying tshirts as me.... Hehe! Have you done many hauls this month? If so what did you buy?

Love, Jen x


  1. Those trousers are soooo pretty!!

  2. I LOVE those pants and that first jacket!!! So cute!

    1. Thank you pet! The jeans are amazing!!! :D

      Jen xxx


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