Saturday, 13 April 2013

Benefit Brow Bar Experience!

Hi girls!

Before I went on my holiday, way back at the end of February, I wanted to get my eyebrows all pretty before I went away. I decided to go to the Benefit Brow bar at my local Debenhams. This is where I would usually go to buy Benefit make up, so I have been aware that they have eye brow technicians on hand to do your brows for you. The girls there are always so lovely , so I knew I would be in safe hands! So I made an appointment for a couple of days before we were to leave. I usually just keep my brows tidy by plucking them, but I felt as if I wanted a complete overhaul for the holiday! This is the brow bar they have at the Debenhams store, sorry for the poor photo, it was a sneaky shot! It is a cute looking part of the shop with its flowery wall paper and with white decor. 

The girl that did my eyebrows was called Natalie and she was lovely and so friendly! She made me feel very at ease. I opted for the brow tint and the wax, as we both felt it would be good to darken the brows slightly as they are so fair. She first mapped out my brows, using the end of a make up brush and showed me how my brows should look by giving me a mirror. Natalie was great as she talked me through every step and made sure I understood everything she was going to do!

Firstly, Natalie applied a tint to my eye brows. We chose the medium tint, as this would just make them slightly darker and make the ends more defined. That was left on for a couple of minutes. She then took the tint off via cotton pads and then wiped a cooling gel pad over my eye brows in preparation for the wax. It felt quite strange, having this done in public, as other shoppers could walk past and see this treatment being, done. It didn't bother me too much, just not something I had experienced before! She then waxed one of my eyebrows and gave me a mirror to see the difference. It was great being able to see one very tidy brow compared to a messy one and it really showed you how your brows can define your face. Usually when your in a salon getting your brows done, you don't get to see this in between stage! After waxing the other one, Natalie then applied the powder from the light Brow Zings Kit to fill in my brows, which is a product I already had a used at home. I walked away with lovely brows, a smile on my face and all ready to go on holiday! The tint and wax treatment was £18 and the service I had was great and well worth it!! I will definitely be going back soon to get my brows done again!

I wanted to do a before and after so you can see how awesome they looked! I had obviously let my eyebrows completely grow out, so I could get the full effect of the treatment. My eyebrows are an annoyance for me, as I seem to have a couple of little scars through them, which means there is no hair i that area and also the tails are very few hairs, which can leave me with a very severe look when not filled in. They are also slightly different shapes, with one higher up on my brow bone than the other. Here they are before, with completely no make up on.

If you now look at the image below, you will see a huge difference!! My eyes look so much more open and my brows have ow lifted my face right up. The only make up I have on is the Brow Zings powder. Isn't it amazing!?! It will take some time for my brows to become the shape that I want them to be in, as they are not perfect! I am just so happy how they have turned out after one experience of the Brow Bar! Natalie told me the areas where I should to try and get more hair growth to even my brows up and also gave me ideas of how I could try and get the hairs to grow in the sparse areas! She did apply more powder to my brows than I usually would (as I prefer them looking more natural), but you can still see the affect it has created! They looked fab!

Those two photos above show why you want to keep your eye brows looking good and why filling them in is so important!! Eye brows gives your face definition and when done right, can make you look like you have just had a face lift! I also wanted to show my brows a few days after my wax and tint. They are not perfect in this photo, as it was the end of a very long day in San Francisco, but you can see how I would fill in my brows and the more natural look I like to have. This was also with Benefit's Brow Zings kit, which I love!! 

If you are looking for a new place to get your eye brows done, then I would totally recommend going to Benefit!! They are so well trained and can answer any questions that you may have regarding your brows! The Brow Zings kit is a great purchase too, and comes in three different colours depending on the colour of your brows. Brow Zings is £23.50 and is so worth it, It comes with a powder, a wax to set your brows, two mini brushes and a cute pair of mini tweezers! Definitely look into that kit girls! 

Have you been to a Benefit Brow Bar? How did you like it? Or have you tried Brow Zings? Let me know!

Love, Jen x


  1. Wow they look brilliant :) I'm having mine done soon, (though not with Benefit) and I can't wait!!

    1. It always feels goo done you get them done!! :)

      Jen xxx

  2. Wow, sounds like you've had a great experience. Can't wait to have mine done


    1. I did :D You should and see if you like Benefit!

      Jen xxx


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