Thursday, 4 April 2013

USA Haul: Clothing, Goodies & More!

Hi girls!! Be prepared for a long post! Hehe!!

The very first thing I bought was a new pair of sunglasses!! I got them in the Duty Free at Heathrow airport. I had wanted a pair of good quality sunglasses for ages and this was my perfect opportunity!! I headed straight over to the Ray Bans section and got these babies:

The first shop we went into was the Levi's store in San Francisco and of course I got fitted and bought myself a pair of their jeans! I love them! They are a lovely dark denim too!

The next time I bought some things was at Universal Studios!

I got some candy...

A keyring...

And a tshirt!

We then went to the Abercrombie & Fitch store at Universal's City Walk! I bought two tops and a hoody!

When we spent the day in Hollywood, we went to the Grove and i bought some Ugg boots! I went for the shorter grey boots with the buttons! They are so cute and really comfy!

Now onto the Disney goodies!! On our first day there, when we were in Disneyland Park, I bought some things before we left!

Obviously I had to get Minnie Mouse ears!


A Bullseye pillow!

The cats love him, because he is so soft!

A lollipop! It was yummy!

A Pen!

And a tshirt!

The next day, we were in Disney California Adventure Park and I bought some more things! Oops!

A Stitch keyring!

Ghirardelli chocolate, it was so yummy!!

Cute pens!

An I love Disney keyring (I love keyrings ok?! Hehe!)

I became really cold and needed to buy a hoody. 

Look at the back!!! So fun!

In San Diego Zoo, I got some souvenirs! Some cups and a souvenir coin, I chose the Leopard one!

I got two things in Las Vegas, one was a gift from Robert, a Pandora charm. I chose it and wanted it to remind me of our holiday. I picked one with stars all round it to symbolise Hollywood, but it would also signify that the holiday was the best one ever and we had made our dreams come true! Its so pretty!

I also picked up a keyring that has a loop for when your carrying your keys! It has come in quite handy!

And yes I told you it was going to be a long long post!! You will also have noticed there is no make up in this post! Well tomorrows post will be a haul just for make up and beauty!! Yay! I know it may seem like I bought a lot, but hey I was on holiday and I was allowed to enjoy it! I work hard, hehe! Hope you enjoyed reading about what I bought! 

Love, Jen x


  1. Sounds like you had fun shopping, the "I became cold and needed to buy a hoodie" made me smile, sounds like you are justifying your purchase ;)

    1. Haha!! yea it was true!! evenRobert bought a jumper! thats how cold it got!! hehe :D

      Jen xxx

  2. Agreed work hard play hard! I love it all!


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