Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Instagramming In April

Hi girls!

So seeing as I do now have Instagram (@jenstar_blonde) and I am now actually posting photos on the regular, I thought it was about time I started sharing some Instagram photos on my blog! Just so all of you girls that don't follow me can see what I have been up to! I think I will probably end up doing these every month, if you girls would like! So let me know.

FOTD wearing MACs Pink Pearl Pop! - Flo and Alice, little best friends - Jenson going through the car wash - Went to Krispy Kreme's on my Birthday - So yummy!!! - Went to MAC and bought a new foundation (click here for post)

FOTD, tying out a new lip product (a L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash) - Getting a Dominos Pizza for dinner, so yummy!! - My mum bought me a little handmade butterfly, which sticks on my mirror! So cute! - Got a cupcake for Robert and I to celebrate my blog being one!! - Our nephew Robbie painted a picture for me. He described it as very dark with lots of scary monsters! He's 3! - a late birthday present from a friend. An awesome zebra scarf and a pretty silver necklace

My little Alice enjoying the sun! How cute is her belly!! - Wee Flo trying to make a tent out of a cover, such a cutie!

Hope you enjoyed! I just can't believe it is May tomorrow! Where on earth has the time gone!!! Oh and the sun is out today, which is very nice. It's slowly getting a little bit warmer!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for this kind of weather to stay for a while! I would also love it if you could leave your Instagam names below! I am still on the look out for people to stalk follow! Hehe!


  1. I love this idea! I think it goes well with the monthly favourite posts that I read!



    1. Yea lol! A lot of people do weekly instagram posts, I think monthly ones is better for me :)

      Jen xxx

  2. Ooooh you have my button!! Thank you lovelyy :D I may have to put a few on my own soonlyy...

    P.S there are several pictures in this post that are making my hungry haha :p


    1. I do :D Haha I know those doughnuts are the bomb.com seriously!!! lol

      Jen xxx


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