Monday, 25 March 2013

Disney California Adventure Park!

Disney Day 2!

This was an awesome day! We had the best time! The park opened at 10, so we had a bit of a lie in that day! We got to the park before it opened, so there was a queue to get in. When we got into the park, it did not disappoint! You enter into Buena Vista street, which looks great and was just completed at the start of this year!

Before we went on any rides, I just had to get a photo with Pluto! Its great, because loads of the characters are out near the entrance when you first get there in the morning! It makes it so exciting to be there!

We then headed over to Soarin', which was one awesome ride!! It totally make you feel like your flying! The concept of the ride was one that I have never experienced before and its just so different to what you think its going to be! So good! We then walked over to Hollywood Studios, for a wander. We first went on the Monsters Inc ride, which was cute and then went into the Animation Academy! We went round all the activities that you can do; I was classed as being most like Rapunzel  and we got to draw Jack Skellington, which was really fun! By the time we left, it just turned lunch time so we went and got lunch in Condor Flats, before heading onto the Grizzly River Run!! I really really did not want to get wet on that ride and as Robert had persuaded me to go on it, obvious fate decided that he was to get wet... and I mean soaked!! It was such a fun ride and lots of screaming! We got on a raft with some fun people and it was hilarious trying to guess who was going to get wet! Well here is Robert after getting off the ride.... 

Hehe! He laughed about it at least! What a good sport he is! His jeans were soaked right through, I could squeeze water out of them!

So be warned! Going on that ride will get you soaked!! I didn't get as wet as Robert thank goodness, but I would say do not sit in a seat beside the opening for getting in and out of the raft. That's where Robert sat and water just splashed right over him constantly! Hehe! We then headed up to the Paradise Pier and firstly went onto the Little Mermaid ride!! It was so cute! I was singing along to the music at the top of my voice! We then hopped onto the Golden Zephyr, as there was no queue at all!! I think this part of the park is one of the most famous images of California at the moment! It is so pretty!!

Two things to say about this photo; I really wish Robert had got the whole of the wheel in (!!!!), but kudos for Robert getting the roller coaster going upside down!

We then walked further round the Pier and bumped into Woody!! While we were getting our photo taken, Buzz arrived and he was hilarious! Making all these gestures at Woody and pretending he was going to punch him and also having a laugh with the person taking out photo! Sadly we were not allowed to get a photo with them both in it!

We then decided to take a break on the big wheel in which half of their cars swing! Obviously we opted for the swinging ones! Let me tell you at one point of the wheel the cab was really going for it!! Haha, it feels and looks as if the cab is going to swing right off the wheel! Anyway we then went onto California Screamin', which was completely awesome!! Robert was a bit worried about it going upside down, but (as I suspected) when the ride had finished he said it was the best one!! It was awesome though, we should have went on it again, but we didn't really have enough time! Afterwards, we went on Goofy's Sky School, which was hilarious and Robert thought it was going to fall of the track! It was then time for the funnest ride ever! Toy Story Mania is an absolutely hilarious 3D shooter game, where your swung around and have to aim at screens! We both thought I had won, but Robert just pipped me right at the last screen!! It was so much fun!! We then got ice cream and walked through Pacific Wharf and went into Cars Land!!!

We decided to go in the single rider queue for Radiator Spring Racers, because the queue was huge and we had been told that 9 times out of 10 you get to be in the same car as each other anyway!! We only had to wait 10 minutes and we both got onto the car that looks like Lightning McQueen!! Oh and our car also won the race, obviously! Hehe, it is a brilliant ride and I loved it when you were actually being taken through Radiator Springs!

Its Stanley!

We then had a wander about Cars Land, which is just phenomenal!! It looks exactly (yes, exactly) like it does in the film! It is so surreal! All the buildings are the same its amazing! We went to the Cosy Cone Motel and got the most amazing ice cream I have ever had!! Also please note that I have eaten A LOT of ice cream in my 22 years! 

We shared a large "twist", which was both chocolate and vanilla on the same cone. I would go back to Disneyland just for that ice cream, absolutely! It was so yummy!! We also bumped into these two:


Lightning McQueen! Oh and please ignore the little boy... He totally invaded my photo... Hehe!

We then wandered down into a bugs land and finished off our ice cream (which took a long time) we went into Its Tough To Be a Bug show! It was so funny and I got quite a few frights throughout it!! It was then time for the Pixar Play Parade, which was excellent! All of the Pixar movie character came out and there were quite a few acrobatics going on! After the show we went on the Tower of Terror!! Such a good ride and you don't think its going to last as long as it does! It also gives you great (if not very fleeting) views of the park! By this time the park was dark and let me just say, this park looks amazing at night!!! The lights are spectacular! We walked back up to Paradise Pier for some shopping, where I bought a hoody, because I was freezing, and some other Disney items (there will be a haul!)!

Then we bought some chocolate from Ghirardelli's Chocolate shop, which is so so yummy! We missed this when we were in San Francisco, so I was glad we got some here! We then once again went into Cars Land to buy some gifts! 

Then it was time for the World Of Colour Show. Oh my god, that show is completely mindblowing! I cannot even tell you how awesome this was! Every single person watching that show leaves that park with a huge smile on their face! It is a huge water show where they project images and basically parts of the films onto the water! It was just jaw dropping! It will not let me upload any of my videos of it sadly, because I got some really good footage of it. The show went on for over half an hour and it was just filled with almost every Disney film you can think of! 

I would pay the park fee just to see that show! It was so sad to leave the park because it was just the best day and we had so much fun! We went to Downtown Disney for dinner and went to Naples Pizzeria, which was good, but too expensive for what it was. We the wandered around the rest of downtown, before it was time to say goodbye to Disney!

Awww I miss it! Although I think we will be going back to a Disney park very soon as our nephew Robbie will not stop talking about it after we showed him the pictures!

Next up on our holiday was San Diego!!

Love, Jen x


  1. This looks amazing! OMFG look at that ice cream!! That's mental! I want one :P xx

    1. :D hehe the ice cream was the bees knees!!

      Jen xxx


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