Saturday, 9 March 2013

When Mums Away The Cats Will Play!

Hello everyone! My name is Flo...

And I am Alice, nice to meet you all!
Shake paws!

Flo: Since our mum is away on holiday and has left us for over two weeks (!!), we thought we could take over the blog for the day! 

Alice: We know mum loves her blog, so we were very intrigued as to what it was! I think we love it too!!

Flo: It is also a special day today, because it is our Birthday and we are 2 today!! That makes us big girls so we know how to work this computermibob. 

Alice: Mum is always pointing a flashy thing at us and wants us to stay still! We are not very good at that!! But sometimes we are very good models. She says she does it to put them on her blog, because we are just so cute! 

Flo: Although sometimes we end up looking like little devils with shiny eyes!

Alice: There is a famous saying we have heard "when the cats away the mice will play", however I do not think our toy mice play because we just chew on their tails and pull out the stuffing! Hahaha! 

Flo: So anyway we took that saying and changed it (because we are so clever) so now that mum is away the cats will play...... On mums bloggy! Oh and also on the iPad! Hehe

Alice: Sounds like a good plan!

Flo: So today we are going to tell you about what we get up to, because we are so cool, we thought you should all know.

Alice: Well Mum goes to work everyday and leaves us by ourselves, we eat, play, poop and sleep.

Flo:  Mostly sleep!

Alice: Sometimes we play fight with each other and run around the house like crazy! It is very fun! 

Flo: Although we always kiss and make up at the end of it!

Alice: As soon as mum gets home we run down the stairs and meet her at the door!

 Flo: Then I will flop over right in mums way and wait until she scratches my belly!

Alice: Also we like to help mum hang up the washing, but mostly because we love the basket! 

Flo: Although I love playing! My most favourite toy ever is my mums old riding crop, which is really long and I just love chasing it all over the house!

Alice: When everyone goes to bed I usually always get cuddles from mum and I try to sit as close to her head as possible, then I purr and pad at her as if I was still a baby! I'm so tired, I wish she was here now!

Flo: And that is usually our day! We don't go outside, because we want to stay cosy inside and mum says it can be dangerous out there, but we like to look out the windows and especially watch and cackle at the birds!!

Alice: Ok I think we shall wrap this up now! I hope you all enjoyed our chatter and loved hearing about us and looking at all our photos!

Flo: I really hope we get some comments and if you all liked us then maybe we could come back soon!

Alice: We send you all kisses! Bye bye!

Love, Alice & Flo x


  1. Your kitties are so cute and clearly such characters! Cats are such a big part of the family I think.

    I'd love it if you'd link this up to my Caturday linkup today - and every week if you'd like. Caturday is my favourite day of the week, and I love to share that with people.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

    1. Hehe thank you and yea a huge part! Thank you yea I did do it! Thank you for asking me :)

      Jen xxx

  2. Hello, guys! It's nice to see you've taken over your momma's blog for a day, haha! Dante and Dimitri send you hugs!

    1. Hehe! awww thats so lovely of them!! :P lol

      Jen xxx

  3. Gorgeous post, really funny and sweet, you have gorgeous babies :)


  4. They are so cute! I love car bellies is that weird?

    1. Aww thanks and no its sooo not weird! Cat bellies are the best and so soft and fluffy!! lol

      Jen xxx


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