Friday, 29 March 2013

Our Journey To.... Las Vegas!

Hi girls!

So this day of our holiday was our drive from San Diego to Las Vegas! It is a 326 mile trip and takes over 4 hours! We left San Diego about half 10 and started our journey! Just like on the way down to San Diego, we passed lots of military bases and saw some amazing helicopters, much to Roberts excitement! We had planned a stop half way through the journey that I was looking forward too and we also had to stop for lunch at some point too! 

The first half of the journey we went through some rainy spots and it was quite amazing seeing the scenery change from really green and slowly turning into desert! There was also some pretty steep inclines and declines on the roads! At some points we were up past 4,000ft above sea level!!

We needed to stop and get gas just before our half way point, so while we were stopped we went into In N Out Burger!!! Now I obviously never had a burger (as I don't eat red meat), but Robert said his burger was awesome and I had some fries, which were super yummy!! I can't even tell you! Also the milkshake.... Oh em gee you Californians are lucky! Then a couple of miles down the road, we hit our half way point in the journey and it was time to visit Calico Ghost Town!! The lovely Miki from Miki's Scrapbook had said that we should stop by there and we did!

We had a good walk around the town. It was amazing to see actually! The town did feel quite eerie, all the things that must of happened in the town! You could totally imagine shoot outs happening along the main street! Calico was a mining town, which sprung up next to the mines in 1881. Robert and I were quite surprised though, at how much older it looked and felt! In the 1800s the UK were building huge ships and impressive brick buildings. Its crazy to think that this is what Americans class as old, whereas we think old is 1300s or earlier! In that last photo, that bridge that took you to the schoolhouse was so so creaky!! I was scared standing on it!! Haha. Also the men that worked at the museum all looked just like cowboys and were just standing about the place with real shotguns (a novelty to us)! There were even some horses! 

 After exploring, we were back in the Mustang and heading for Las Vegas! It didn't take too long until we hit the border between Nevada ad California. Unfortunately I missed the sign saying "Welcome to Nevada", as my camera was clicked a millisecond to early! As soon as you see Nevada ahead of you, you can see two huge hotels and loads of casinos either side of the Interstate, one with having a roller coaster! It was like a mini Las Vegas welcoming you to the state! Quite a funny thing seeing nothing in front of you and then all of a sudden there's huge building and then nothing again! I love the photo below, it looks as if we are in the sky flying, but no we are on the road going down a really steep hill!! It didn't feel as steep as it must of looked. You can also see in the distance the mini Las Vegas ahead of us!

Also, as the hills were incredibly steep there was truck lanes all along the outside lane as a slow lane for the huge trucks (lorries) they have over there! We also spotted quite a scary looking road, that was to be used by trucks if there brakes stopped working. Basically it was a really long gravel road that went off to the side of the Interate, at the end of this emergency road was a huge pile (read mountain) of gravel, which would hopefully get the truck stopped! Quite a scary thought of a runaway truck!

So any way, when we got to Las Vegas it felt really strange being back there again, but obviously to see the surrounding area and from the point of view of driving down the strip! We had been there last year and we were back to see the many things we hadn't got round to seeing! This year we were staying in New York New York and it was a lovely hotel! When we settled into our lovely room, it must have been after 5pm, so we left our hotel to hae a walk along the strip! We went into the Planet Hollywood Hotel and into the Miracle Mile shopping centre, which was lovely. I of course headed straight to Sephora and picked up loads of make up goodies! Robert then bought me a lovely charm to add to my Pandora bracelet. We then stopped for dinner and I decided I just wanted a grilled cheese and it was super yummy too! We then had a Pinkberry for dessert, hehe and headed back to our hotel for a good rest!! 

I have some amazing posts coming up of the time we had in Las Vegas!! Make sure you look out for them girls! Have a good Easter weekend!

Love, Jen x


  1. Awe, Jen! It's so cool to see you in Californian land! :D Thank you os much for mentioning me! I'll make sure I'll read all your posts here in Cali; life's been hectic and sadly I needed to neglect the blog a little bit and stop reading my friends' blogs as well. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to catch up with everybody soon ;).

    Hope you had a wonderful time here!



    1. Robert and I had the best time ever!!!! :)

      Jen xxx


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