Friday, 22 March 2013

LA Day 3: Hollywood!

Hi girls! Today, I am bringing you the third day we spent in Los Angeles and to be specific, we went to Hollywood!

This day was really supposed to be a bit of a relaxing day, however I knew I wanted to go to see Hollywood and it was the only day we had free!No break for us! We did get a lie in, which was awesome, even though it was only till 9am! We were back on the Interstate again third day in a row for what felt like the 50th time! We headed for Hollywood Boulevard and after stopping for a quick breakfast, got there at midday! When we got out of the car park, there was a fancy tour bus sitting there and you all know the drill, the guys standing there coming over to talk to you about their tour! Well we actually went ahead and booked it as it took us up to see the Hollywood sign, around all the sites in Hollywood and Beverley Hills and would take us a tour around some houses where the stars stay! It was a good price, so we thought why not?! We had about an hours wait until the bus would be there to pick us up, so we went to get some lunch! We went to an awesome little burger bar called Juicy Burger, which was so yummy! Robert loved it and the milkshakes were awesome!!

After a little stroll around looking at some of the stars on the walk of fame, it was time to get onto the tour bus! The first destination on the tour was the Hollywood sign!This took a about a 20 minute drive from Hollywood Boulevard, but our tour guide was great and told us loads about the history and spots to take photos of! It was so worth going up there, it is just so iconic!

Looking out over LA, amazing view!

After this we were driven round Mulholland Drive, which is a very famous road, for the magnificent views, houses and also for jogging/running. We then somehow ended up on Sunset Boulevard and were told about the famous bars and clubs along this road. We then entered Beverley Hills! Obviously had to get a photo of the sign!

We were shown so many houses that were owned by celebrities, that had been owned by celebrities and then also some really famous houses that had been used for films and tv shows! Here are a couple of the good ones!

House where the Osbournes were filmed in their tv show, now owned by Christina Aguilera!

Left to Right: Top row - Kourtney Kardashian's house. Tom Cruise's Front Gate to his four mansions on the one block. The newest of his mansions.
Middle row - The house George Clooney grew up in , his mum still lives there! Jennifer Lopez lived here. Ellen used to live here
Bottom row - Micheal Jackson died in this house. House used for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!

After going round loads of streets and seeing loads of amazing houses, we came onto Rodeo Drive! We have all heard of Rodeo drive haven't we?! Full of shops that are just there for show, as they do not make any money, because of the increased pricing!

Shop in the film Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts gets knocked back and the hotel in Pretty Woman is at the bottom of Rodeo Drive!

This Bugatti Veyron is parked on the street everyday. It is worth $1,800,000! And no I didn't add too many zeros! How awesome is that! I would love to get a shot at driving it!!

The tour bus then headed back along to Hollywood Boulevard, passing some interesting things on the way back! I would definitely say to do a tour when you visit here, because you get to see it all! When our tour had finished we drove along to see the Kodak Theatre and the Chines Theatre, which was cool! Afterwards, we headed to The Grove shopping centre!

The Grove is a gorgeous little shopping centre, full of all the usual favourite shops; Forever 21, Topshop, Abercrombie & Fitch, MAC, etc. The Grove is famous for celebrity spotting and everyone usually says they at least see someone famous! It has a lovely relaxed atmosphere and is just so different from any other shopping centre I have been too!

Oh yes and I went to Uggs!! Hehe and also to MAC! On the way back to the car, in the lift which was quite full. We heard another Scottish accent from quite a tall man and he was with his son, the accent stands out over there in LA so it was so easy to pick up! I just thought oh wow he's over here from Scotland too, how funny that we are in the same lift! Robert also noticed him and he said that he was sure he recognised him! When we got home that night after some researching, we realised it was Craig Ferguson, who has his own talk show and worked his way up from comedian to actor and then got his talk show! So cool!!

So anyway, we left the Grove and by this time it was after 5pm, we decided to head over to Long Beach to see the Queen Mary, which is a huge ship that was built on the Clyde in Glasgow! So we had to go visit her and say hello! By the time we got there it was quite dark, so please excuse the photo quality!! 

Sadly we were too late to get into the museum, but we were just glad that we could say that we had been to see her! Robert loves all things to do with transport and planes and ships are his favourite, so it was cool for him to see her. His dad had seen the ship launched into the Clyde!

Afterwards, we headed back to Anaheim and we were so hungry by this point! We were definitely in need of an awesome meal! So after a quick stop of in Target (to get some make up goodies!), we found out that there was a TGI Fridays just around the corner! As it was Saturday, it was busy, but it was well worth the wait!! I think it was the best meal of the holiday! We of course had a starter, main and dessert! It was awesome!!

We then headed back to the hotel! The next two days would be spent at Disneyland Resort, which I was so incredibly excited about! It was an early start the next day, so after watching a bit of the tv, we were fast asleep! Anyone else excited for the Disney posts?!

Love, Jen x


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time!! I can not wait for the Disney posts! Massive Disney fan myself and I am actually going to Disneyland in Paris in just over a weeks time!!



  2. Amazing pictures, the car looks so flash and expensive!


  3. Amazing photos! Super jealous! :)


    1. Thank you :) Awww we had an amazing time! A once in a life time holiday!

      Jen xxx

  4. Awe, that's the perfect spot for pics with the Hollywood sign! ;)

    1. I know we were taken to the perfect place!

      Jen xxx


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