Saturday, 30 March 2013

Las Vegas Day 1!

Hi girls!

When we got up in the morning we were pretty tired, so we had a bit of a lazy morning and then went to get a late breakfast at a restaurant called America, which is in New York New York hotel. It had a pretty impressive 3D mural of all the states of America on the ceiling! We had pancakes ad afterwards I was completely full!!

After our breakfast, we had to go get our NASCAR tickets! We had booked them about three weeks before we left for our holiday and they had said that they would post our tickets to us. Then a week later they asked us just to pick up our tickets from the Track when we got to Las Vegas, which was fine as we had the car! So we went on a little adventure to go pick up our tickets! Now also let me tell you it poured and poured and poured down with rain this day! It was crazy amounts of rain! When we got to the track we kept asking people where were we to go and get them and we were going back and forward too many times. So eventually we were allowed to park in a space where you were supposed to have a permit, so thank you to the lovely lady that let us in there!! It was right next to the ticket office, so Robert ran out the car to get our tickets getting completely drenched in the process! Thankfully the lady in there gave us the tickets, because apparently that was again the wrong place we were at! As soon as Robert was back, we were off and drove back to the strip! 

So after a crazy first part of the afternoon, we decided to treat ourselves to a Serendipity 3 treat! We walked along to Caesars Palace. Thankfully it had stopped pouring  by this point! We shared one of their famous frozen hot chocolate and also had a Lookie Lookie Here Comes Cookie ice cream sundae's! It was so good!! Haha.

We then wandered back along the strip towards our hotel and booked a very very exciting trip! We had been wanting to book it every since we knew we were going back to Las Vegas, but it had taken us till we were actually there to do it! We booked a trip to the Grand Canyon via helicopter, which would then land down inside the canyon, where we could walk around and have lunch!! We were just incredibly excited at the thought of this, which was for the next day! So after our pockets feeling incredibly lighter (!!), we went back to our room fro a rest before dinner! Not before we took some touristy photos of course!

After a little rest in the room, we decided to go to a Sports bar and grill for our dinner, which was in our hotel! It was quite cool as we were surrounded by tv screens all showing different sports and the games that were being played! So Robert loved that! We hen went to Pinkberry for our desert for the second night in a row! Yes I was addicted to Pinkberry during my holiday!! It was so good!

So girlies, my next post will be the day Robert and I went to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!!! It is not to be missed!

Love, Jen x


  1. Lovely post, I love the photos, especially the one of the ice cream and m&m!


    1. Haha! The ice cream was amazing!!! lol

      Jen xxx


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