Sunday, 17 March 2013

San Francisco Day 2!

Day 2 in San Francisco was such an amazing day! We got up and went to a cute little diner near our hotel and had pancakes! We then got our first ride in the cable cars! 

This took us down to Fishermans wharf and on the way we got brilliant views down into the bay! You don't realise just how hilly San Francisco is until you are on a cable car!! We knew what we wanted to do that day and we actually got perfect weather! We hired bikes from a shop called "Blazing Saddles" (love the name!) and started our cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge!

It was quite a surreal experience actually, heading towards it and it was a lovely route that we were to take. There were just a coupe of hills to get there and two steep ones, which were not my friends let me tell you! 

The bridge is just phenomenal I'm sure you will all agree! Its something Robert has always wanted to see in person and being able to cycle over it was like a dream for him! It was an amazing experience!

Over the other side of the bridge is a town called Sausalito, which is such a gorgeous little town! We got a boat back from there to Pier 41, back at San Francisco! The whole route was just over 8 miles!! So I was very proud of myself for cycling all that way! It was amazing and took us about 2 and a half hours including all the stops to take photos that we did! We took the bikes back and got a very well deserved ice cream! We then walked towards a very famous street...

Can I just say that walking up to that street took some amount of effort!! Haha, after that cycle and then the huge hills to walk up to get to it! It was worth seeing though, because it is the worlds bendiest street!!

Its one of those things that you have got to go see when your in San Francisco! We were surprised though because people do in fact live in the houses! I was quite shocked, because I'm sure they must get fed up of all the tourists going up and down it everyday!! I don't know whether it would make the houses cheaper, because of the tourists or more expensive, because it  is so famous to live there! After having a walk up and seeing an amazing view all the way to Colts Tower, we wandered back down to Pier 39! I wanted to go into the Aquarium Of The Bay and we had just enough time to get around before it closed so in we went!

It was an amazing aquarium and my favourite part was definitely seeing the Giant Pacific Octopus! It was especially great, because one of the girls that worked there told us all about them! She told us this amazing story of where an octopus had learned to open his tank, then get out of it and open the tank next to his, where all the fish, which they fed him on were kept. This octopus would go in eat some fish and then return into his own tank remembering to close the tanks! The professor could not work out why the fish were disappearing, until he put a video camera in and filmed it!! 

I put my head into that tank not realising what was in it! Then I could see a reflection of it and got just a little freaked out!! Hehe! The octopus changes colour and is usually all red, but the day we were there he was mostly white!

We then had a walk round Pier 39 and had a look in some of the shops! It is such a cute little place and feels so relaxed and friendly! Definitely a place I recommend visiting if your going to San Fran! 

We then of course went to see the famous Pier 39 sea lions! These are wild sea lions, who can be seen on the floats at K Dock on the West side of Pier 39! It really was amazing to see them so close and they made such a noise!! So we stayed and watched them a while!

Afterwards we were so hungry and decided it was time for dinner! We ended up going to the Hard Rock Cafe just at the start of the Pier! It was a good choice too, as we had one big meal!! I always love going to Hard Rock Cafe's and looking at all the amazing memorabilia that they have on their walls! I spotted a guitar that was owned by Carlos Santana and just had to get a photo with it! I used to love listening to his music when I was younger and even spurred me into trying my hand at playing the guitar myself!! It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped!! Hehe!

Afterwards, we got our second shot of the cable cars and got a Pinkberry (which was soon to become my favourite thing on holiday!) for desert on the way back to our hotel!! After a very exciting and fulfilled day we headed back to our hotel for a well earned rest!!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Also sorry about the length of the post! I want these holiday posts to be memories for me as well as enjoyable to read, which is why I want to talk about as much of my day as I can!! Let me know what you thought! Our last day in San Francisco took us to Alcatraz, which is not to be missed in my next post!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Looks like you had a great time hun! Good job on doing all that biking!!

    1. Yea we did! And thank you!!! lol it actually didnt feel as long! it felt great afterwards knowing i had done it!

  2. Love it! I have similar pictures from when I went!

    Megs xx

    1. :D aww fab!! It was an amazing place!

      Jen xxx


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