Wednesday, 27 March 2013

San Diego!

Hi girls! 

So after the LA leg of our holiday it was time for a visit to San Diego!! We had two nights there and to be honest this was no way enough time! I wanted to go to San Diego Zoo so much so that was day number 2 in San Diego sorted (which will be tomorrows post). So our first day included travelling and then exploring a new place!

Our journey started at 10am,we packed up and said goodbye to the Hilton (and to LA and Disney...sob!). We jumped into McDonalds for a cheeky breakfast (yum!) and headed South!! Now before I begin properly it is worth noting that a couple of days before this, the company we had booked our hotel and flights through phoned us up at 5 in the morning telling us that the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego was over booked and they had to change hotels for our two night stay. We were really looking forward to staying there so we were not all that impressed, especially as we had booked the hotel in July!! They told us that we were now booked into the Palomar Hotel and were told it was an extremely nice hotel and that we would not be disappointed! When they phoned us up, Robert was still half asleep and couldn't really argue with them at the time, so just said that's fine. After looking the hotel up online, it did look pretty impressive, so we were hoping for good things!

The journey from Anaheim to San Diego are just under 100 miles apart and is basically a straight road right down the I-5 and took us an hour and a half! It was quite cloudy and not warm at all that day and sadly it was the same weather in San Diego! The drive was quite interesting though with lots of army helicopters flying over the Interstate and landing all around it! They must have been doing some training! When we arrived at our hotel, we got valet parking and we were met by the coolest hotel door I have ever seen!

So yea we were expecting good things from the Palomar hotel! Our did not disappoint either, it was a very very lovely room! Robert noticed when we were checking in that the hotel bar was showing football on the tv, so of course he was desperate to go and watch it! After having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing a football match in so long (not really), he was allowed to go and watch the rest of the match. We actually had a very nice lunch in there too, a grilled cheese and chips! Yummy! After the match, we then got out the hotel and started to explore San Diego!

We firstly had a walk over to the shopping centre, which at the moment has a lot of work being done on it. We had a look in a few shops and then We came across Bath & Body Works! So after a wander around (that shop smells AMAZING!) and making a cheeky purchase, we said goodbye to the shops and made our way into the Gaslamp District!

After a very yummy Pinkberry, we wandered over to look at the Baseball stadium there called Petco Park. We didn't realise that you could basically walk right into the stadium, it was amazing! Oh and please excuse brown (non existent) grass, they were obviously getting it ready for the up coming season!

We went into the San Diego Padres shop and Robert got a few things and also a gift and the two girls that worked there were great a telling us some other places to go! We then headed to Seaport Village, which I imagine in summer would be an awesome place to go, but the walk although pretty, was quite chilly!!

Seaport Village is basically a outdoor shopping centre, with little one off touristy type shops all in little huts, the place is right on the water front and has loads of seating areas and ponds, its just a really cute place! 

After a nice stroll around the place and getting a very yummy cookie to eat, we headed back to the hotel and we were pretty cold! Yea I know cold in San Diego was something we were not expecting, but I just think we got there on a gloomy day! By the time we got back to the hotel it was 5pm, so we had a little rest before dinner! We left the hotel at 8pm and the Gaslamp district was a lot livelier at night! Sadly we didn't enjoy our dinner that night at all, I think as soon as we walked into it we knew it wasn't going to be very good! So we ended up attempting to eat it and afterwards going to the 7eleven round from our hotel for a snack!

And that was our first day in San Diego!! Tomorrow will be a post about a very famous zoo!! 

Love, Jen x


  1. i LOVE san diego. i haven't been since i was in high school but i have been dreaming about going back ever since i left. i also really enjoyed the zoo. and the weather. although it was a little chilly when i was there, too. so glad ya'll had a fun trip!

    1. It was a lovely city!! Aww you should go back :D

      Jen xxx

  2. My old stomping grounds! On your drive down, you drive right past Camp Pendleton so you must have seen Marine exercises going on. Yeah, the Palomar Hotel is really nice! Petco Park is a super nice park! Loved going to games there! Dinner in the Gaslamp is totally hit or miss, but I love going to eat seafood in Seaport Village! CAN'T wait to see my animals tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hehe! Yup that must of been what it was! Robert would have loved to have watched a game! He is desperate to go back when the baseball is on! :D Seaport cillage was lovely I just wish it had been sunny! lol

      Jen xxxx


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