Sunday, 3 March 2013

What's In My Suitcase?

As you probably all know, at the moment I am away in California, so I thought you would all like to know what clothes I packed in my suitcase!

I love this suitcase and as you all probably guessed, it is pink! I have had for over 5 years now and it has been on many adventures with me! My little cat sticker is something I picked up in Hawaii, so now he is my little lucky cat for taking care of my case! It also means that I know the case is definitely mine! I get so worried about it when we are going on a plane, it would be my worst nightmare if it got lost!! So anyways, we shall now go onto the good bit of what is inside!!

Ok so, most of you know that I am quite a casual girl and that I am always in jeans! Bear that in mind when you see the next photo, because thats the only bottom half I am taking with me!! Hehe, also I don't think it is the time of year for wearing shorts over there at the moment, I might be wrong an if I am I will just buy some when I am there!

Bright pink jeans from River Island, Jeans from Hollister, Raspberry coloured jeans from Monsoon and Beige jeans from River Island!

Now onto jumpers and cardigans, to keep me warm if it gets a bit chilly! I'm usually always cold, so these will be needed!!

Pink sweatshirt from River Island, Blue sweatshirt from Gilly Hicks (as if you couldn't guess?!!), Navy marl hoodie from Topshop and Grey furry hoodie from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Beige cardigan from New Look, Navy cardigan from Fat Face, Grey cardigan with flowers from Hollister and Bright pink cardigan from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Tops now and basically all of these are tshirts! Robert and I are quite casual on holiday, so these are what we wear most! I would wear one of these each day, so hence why there are so many! So I will go left to right along the rows!

Top row: Navy long sleeve top from Hollister, Turquoise tshirt from Hollister, Coral peter pan collar top from New Look, Rose print tshirt from River Island and White marl tshirt from H&M.
Middle row: Purple tshirt from H&M, Light blue tshirt from New Look, Turquoise three quarter length sleeve top from Next, Navy tshirt from Fat Face, Pink and white stripe tshirt from Hollister and Lilac tshirt from H&M.
Bottom row: Cream tshirt from Fat Face, Pink long sleeve top from Hollister, White zebra tshirt from River Island and Blue paisley print tshirt from New Look.

Scarves are my most favourite accessory, so I have chosen these ones to take! Believe me it was a hard choice!! Haha.

Purple and navy flower circle scarf from Fat Face, Pink, blue, navy and yellow printed circle scarf from River Island, Navy candy skulls scarf from Accessorize and Coral heart printed circle scarf from Fat Face!

Then just a small selection of shoes, that will be comfy for walking when away!

Adidas coral pink hi top trainers from JD Sports, Nautical flats from River Island, Light blue flower ballet pumps from Accessorize and Sandals from Next.

Then just so other items that I am gong to be taking with me;

Black Leather bag from Accessorize, Pink Tangle Teezer, Silver watch from Fossil, USA plug adapters and Sunglasses and case from Accessorize!

Now obviously I have things like underwear and toiletries going with me too, but I just thought I would show you the good bits from my case! I have got 23kg weight limit, which is really good and hopefully I will be a bit under that so I will easily be able to bring lots of goodies back with me!

Hope you enjoyed this post girls! I know I love to see what clothes people are taking on holiday with them! 

Love, Jen x


  1. You pack so much better than I do

  2. Lol, I normally pack all shoes and dresses, I tend to leave the packing to mum, love what you've packed


    1. Thanks lovely! yea this holiday isn't really a dress wearing one hehe!

      Jen xxx

  3. Awe! You're already here; awesome! Hope you're having a blast! ;D

    1. Hehe! yup and now I am back! lol I had theee best time!

      Jen xxx


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