Thursday, 1 November 2012

How Spooky Was Your Halloween?!

Hi girls!! Hope you all had a good night last night! Whether it was out partying, giving out yummy goodies to little trick or treaters or just staying in watching movies!! I did the latter!

I don't know about you, but I love watching scary movies, even though they scare me half to death! After watching them, I will constantly be thinking something/someone is after me and be too scared to even go to the bathroom in the dark! I am going to let you all know my top 10 favourite scary movies! Ones that really frighten me! Hehe! I guess you could call these films I hate to love!!

10. The Sixth Sense, 1999 - I first watched this film at a sleepover with friends when we were 10. I will always remember it! The little boy in the film plays this part so well! Basically the little boy can see dead people. It always gives me frights even though I know they are coming!!

9. The Silence of the Lambs, 1991 - This film is just amazing! I love the character of Hannibal Lecture and Anthony Hopkins, just makes him so creepy! A young FBI agent has to ask the help of Hannibal to help find another serial killer! This film gets just a little bit freaky and very creepy!

8. The Skeleton Key, 2005 - I find this film so scary! Kate Hudson plays a carer, who has come to take care of an old man. Funny things begin to happen and she discovers that voodoo is very much alive in the house! 

7. Saw Series, 2004 to 2009 - Oh how we all must love that freaky little puppet! I find these films just so gruesome, but I can never seem to look away! Jigsaw is seriously one sick guy in these films, but I guess do prove a message... That we should just all be good!! 

6. Orphan, 2009 - Well you have got one freaky little girl there.... Really good film and a 12 year old girl played the main role, which I only just found out! And yes there is something definitely wrong with Esther....

5. Hostel, 2005 - Ok, this is another gruesome one, that did kind of shock me! Humans killing humans for fun?! Emmm no thanks, but does make for a good film, scary, but good!

4. The Descent, 2005 - If you don't like the dark, caves, being in small spaces or being trapped then this film will be your worst nightmare!! This was the first film I watched with Robert and I always remember him nearly jumping out his skin and one point in the film!! He always says he never, but he did and it was a really scary part! Basically the group that go into the cave there are not the only thing in there! Don't watch it by yourself ok?!!

3. Creep, 2004 - So this film I have probably seen the least out of my list. Probably because it is just so terrifying!!! I do not like going on the subway/underground late at night because of this film! Eeep, there is a scary monster/man down there!!

2. The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2, 2006 & 2007 - Oh I hate the creepy cannibal people in these films! So scary, which is why this is at number 2! Honestly no one will win against these things! Not even the army (second movie)!! 

1. The Shining, 1980 - Here's Johnny! This film will always be up there for me! I used to watch this when I was younger with my dad a lot. Totally freaked me out! Although he always used to tell me to cover my eyes at the scary women in the bath part... I still haven't seen what she looks like yet!! I'm always too scared, haha! Great film!!

These films are on the tv all the time, so if you haven't seen them, then keep an eye out for them!! They are great to watch if you want a little fright! I think I have scared myself after writing up about them all! Hehe, and after all that scariness, you just have to watch this video!! It is hilarious!!! Zombie Drive-Thru Prank by edbassmaster!

Oh and one last thing.... How on earth can it be November?!?! Anybody else worried about how blinking fast time goes?! Its nearly Christmas!!!! Eeeeek!

Have I missed out your favourite scary movie in my list? Let me know what film really freaks you out! 

Love, Jen x

Disclaimer: Jen is not responsible for any nightmares you have after watching these films! Hehe!


  1. ohh i cannot watch any of those!!!

    1. Teehee!! oh go on.... they are actually all seriously funny!! :P haha

      Jen xxx

  2. I am so not a fan of scary movies but I started watching I Still Know What You Did Last Summer on TV this past weekend and I just couldn't stop watching haha. Maybe I'll try out some more but then I probably won't sleep anymore haha.

    1. I would never have called myself a fan of them either to be honest! i think i watch them just to freak myself! I try and switch them off because i get so scared and then something inside me doesnt let me!! Eeep!! hehe

      I dont think i have seen that one! will have to keep and eye out for that! dont worry i dont sleep after them either! :P

      thank you for following!! :D

      Jen xxx

  3. Never going to watch Saw, or Nightmare on Elm Street! I love watching scary movies but I need my boyfriend with me, and the lights on full!



    1. Awww saw is really good more gruesome than scary! never seen nightmare on elm street hehe whats that about?! maybe im missing something i would like!! hehe yea lol i usually have the lights on too :D :D

      Jen xxx


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