Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I Was Lost, But Now I Am Found!

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A whole week without blogging... Very strange, very strange indeed! Since I started this blog in April, I have never went more than a few days without a post! I mean I have still been here, reading blogs, but just haven't posted anything. Goodness knows why, not having enough motivation and also not really feeling like I have much to post about. In the past, when I felt like this I have made myself do a post and to be honest doing that made me feel a bit better, even if it wasn't a post that I had put my 100% into. 

I absolutely love this blogging community, its such a great thing to be a part of, but lets face it... It is hard work! Trying to make time to be able to sit down and type up a post and also coming up with ideas for posts, is something I have been struggling with for a while. I fell like it used to be really easy for me to type up a post during my lunch break at work and I always had ideas, that were for the most part easy to create, with having taken photos usually in a big batch, so I just had to type up the posts. Lately this has been harder to do with it being dark in the mornings and already dark when I get home form work!! How do we take good photos in artificial light people!?

With work being quite busy at the moment, it has been harder for me to make time in the day where I can type posts up and then when I get home from work I am so tired and just have no motivation to do it!! So I apologise for having disappeared off for the past wee while. I would absolutely love to be able to write a post everyday like I used to, but if that is not possible then one every two days!

I feel as though my blog has lost its way a bit. The UK is very much a beauty blogging country (or I feel as though it is!) and although I love writing about such things I also feel as though there is a much bigger part of me that I could add to this blog. So after a lot of time having a think about my blog and where I am going to take it, be prepared for a lot more random posts on many different subjects!! I will still be doing a lot of beauty posts.. ok?! Because they are fun! So do not worry! American blogs just seem a lot more free and they write about whatever they want, and you don't find many USA beauty only blogs, whereas in the UK we are inundated with hundreds of them! I love knowing who the person behind the blog is and as much as I love to read about fab new beauty products coming out, sometimes I just want to read something else! I'm sure everyone is the same! For a while now you probably have noticed that that is where my blog is heading, so I'm sure you know all this already! 

Courtesy of weheartit.com!

Onto another point for people who use "Blogger", has anyone else reached their limit on photo space and to be able to extend the space they have to pay each month a certain amount? This cropped up on my blog some months ago, because I love putting up plenty of photos on my blog (I hope you like that!) I have already used up my 1GB of free space that they allow you to have, so I now have to pay a monthly fee to keep a space of 25GB, which I know I will not run out of for a very long time and it does only cost like £2 a month. However I have not heard of any other bloggers come across this problem... So if you have and discovered a way where you do not have to pay this money to Google please let me know! I don't know if it is just because I put lots of photos up, but surely people who have been blogging longer than me must have come across this. It is also something that I was not expecting, as it as known as free blogging, they just do not let you know it is actually a small space you get and it is quite easy to run out of that space! I would really appreciate any blogger who has come up with this message while trying to upload photos letting me know, as you cannot add any more photos to your blog until you have bought some more space! I feel like I ma the only one!! Naughty Google!

Hope you have all had a good weekend and a good start to your week! I also hope you understand what on earth I have been jibbering about in this post!! Hehe

Love, Jen x


  1. Hi Jen,
    I can relate a lot to the first part of your post, the not feeling like you have much to post about (I actually posted about this yesterday), lacking motivation, finding the time but despite all this I still want to blog, I think everyone must find themselves in a blogging rut every now and again.
    Going by your two blog types I have always been a "US blogger" I have struggled to find many UK bloggers, however if they are primarily beauty blogs that is probably why, I generally give them a wide berth and like the lifestyle type blogs, hence why te majority of people I follow are American.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! yea i think everybody gets it! I have recently found a lot of british more lifestyle type bloggers.. try http://www.madeupoflittlethings.com/
      that is a great blog!! and Rachael lives in Lincolnshire! :) I'm sure there will be many gems of british blogs hiding for us to find, but i do love reading my beauty blogs too hehe!

      I follow loads of American blogs too and I love reading about what life is like in America! Want to live there one day :D maybe! hehe

      Jen xxx

  2. I have never heard of using up the space, but I really don't want it to happen to me! I know it's silly because its only £2 a month, but I don't want to pay it! I might do sponsor things like a lot of blogs do, and that can pay for the extra space


    1. Hey! yea i was like what i have to pay?!!! haha! yea I'm ok with it though, but that is a good idea about sponsors!

      Jen xxx

  3. I had that problem and I just deleted the posts from when my blog was private. And if you have a Microsoft computer, you can use Microsoft blog writer and it's free with unlimited space and posts directly to your blog


    1. Oooo good idea!!! I will have a try of that :D Thank you lovely!

      Jen xxx


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