Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Spending Ban Update #4

Hi girls.... So this spending ban  update is slightly late!! Usually they are out on they 25th of each month, but sadly I missed it and by three days at that!! Eeep, but I have been very busy and I will be telling you all about that in a separate post! So onto the spending ban!

If you want to know why I am doing a spending ban then please click here for my original post and it is a very good reason too!! Also here are my previous monthly updates; Month 1Month 2 and Month 3!

Ok so this month has again been one of a bit of a struggle I guess, I didn't save very much at all, due to the actual lack of money all month! Not good at all! Hopefully now, I can get out of that and start saving!! Although I think, as it is nearing Christmas and having to buy lots of presents this will be really hard!!

So this month, I have had to buy quite a few things.... Firstly was My Halloween Costume, I wanted to go out with my friends, so I had to buy something! It wasn't an overly expensive outfit, so I guess that was ok! Then I had to take my cats to the vets, which I think I will have to go there again to make sure everything is now ok with them, fingers crossed. My vets isn't too expensive, which is good. Mind you if there was something really wrong with them, then I would spend all of my money trying to make them better!! Hehe, a mummy's love! I then had to pay for my gown, for graduation!! That occurred yesterday! So look out for my post! Yay! So happy to have finally graduated! Hehe!

This month I was doing a health and safety course for a week for my work, so I had to pay quite a lot for parking!! After I passed my course, I went on a cheeky wee shop to Superdrug (click for my haul!). I also had to buy quite a lot of uniform , for the shop I work in, which also meant I bought some other bits and pieces too! I then had to buy a new outfit, for my night out on Saturday, which you will be hearing about tomorrow and seeing the outfit! Wait till you see the shoes!! 

On Monday I had to have a quick dash to New Look (again!) to buy a top for my graduation, as I worked out I had nothing to wear!! Eeep. I almost panicked and then I was fine, you will see my graduation outfit soon too!! Hehe! So there is two exciting posts to come! As you can see I was a bit naughty this month, although most things were needed, so I guess it makes it better! A bit! Hehe!

So as for the next month coming, well I am quite worried about it actually! I have still got to pay £600 to the holiday! Then on top of that I will have to buy Christmas presents! I feel as though this year will be a year of minimal Christmas presents!! I usually spoil everyone, maybe not this year!! Hehe, as this next month is going to be tough! Wish me luck!!

Is anyone else currently on a spending ban? How are you finding it? I've only got two more months to go!!

Love, Jen x


  1. I'm not buying anything until Christmas for myself, and just getting presents for friends and family, I guess that's like a ban... Keep up the good work, not much longer to go now :)


    1. Yea I guess it is! although its always hard when your going round the shops and just trying to get stuff for other people! lol you always end up seeing something you like!! hehe thank you! yea i know only two more months! yay!

      Jen xxx


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