Thursday, 29 November 2012

Night Out For Jen, Twilight and Cats On The Ipad!

Hi girls!

So I am back with a big post today! It is just basically what I have been up to over last weekend, because I did quite a lot! So be prepared!! Hehe!


So first up, last Friday after work, I had a mad dash to the shops to get an outfit for my night out on the Saturday. I went to New Look, because its just so easy to find a nice dress and shoes, for a good price. I wasn't disappointed either! Just look at the heels I bought!!!

They were £29.99, which I think is a great price! They are absolutely covered in black sparkly sequins and all night they were glistening away! I'm so pleased I bought them. Also they were really comfy all night long, even as I was dancing away. Mind you I always love wearing really high heels so I am used to the height of them, but in these ones the platform is also quite big, so that makes them even comfier! As for the dress, you will see later on!

So after I had went into New Look, I met up with my friend to find her an outfit for Saturday too! It was her birthday hence why we were having a big night out! So we eventually found her an amazing dress from Warehouse and then went to Starbucks for a good chat!  Robert and I were then supposed to go to the cinema after that to see Silver Linings, but that never happened. So we ended up staying in and watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1, as he had not seen that one! It was great to watch it and remember where that film stopped, before we were to go and see the new one! Robert really enjoyed it too, although he will only say that to me. If any one else asked him he would have said oh its rubbish!! Hehe!


Well Robert and I had a much needed long lie that morning and then it was off to work for me!  I got home just before 8pm and then had to quickly get ready! For me when I'm going out on a night out it's usually my make up that takes the longest, but I think I did ok and got out the house at quarter past 9. I had hardly any time for dinner either!! Ok so onto the night out!! Here is me in the car on the way to pick up two of my friends. Robert drove us in, which was very good of him!

I used two of the new products I bought recently in my Superdrug haul, the Gosh blusher and some of the colours from the Sleek Storm palette (review to come soon!). So we had a fab time in the West end of Glasgow, going to the Hillhead Book Club, which is a really cool bar and does great cocktails! We then headed out to Bar O, which is under a really famous pub called the Oran Mor, which is in a big church! We had a great time and the music was great! I always love a good dance, which was definitely had there. I think my highlight of the night was going up to the door of Club O and then trying to act sober so we all got in, I also had my hood up because it was raining too. One of the bouncers said to me "you come over here now", in this really big voice, so I did and obviously was acting very normal (haha). He then just blurted out "Omg!! I just love your jacket, it's just so fluffy and has ears and everything!!! Its amazing!"! I was quite shocked!! Haha, it was so funny!! My jacket is a faux fur (obviously!! Real fur belongs on animals!) and has a big hood, which has big ears on it!! It is totally amazing and by far one of the best things I have ever bought! I got it from Asos last year. If you want to see it in all its glory then click here to see it and the hood! Anyway, it was just a hilarious moment, that I wasn't expecting from this huge bouncer! Hehe! So here are some photos of the night and of my dress!

Haha, love that last photo! Who knows what I was thinking! Hehe! So Robert as Robert was also out in the West end that night, but was driving he came and picked me and the birthday girl up and took us to get some chips! Which were awesome!! Hehe, we then dropped her off home and when we eventually got back to mine, it was like half 3!


 I had such a good sleep and it felt like I was sleeping for absolutely ages, before I had to get up and get ready for work. I started at 11.30, which was an ok time. I love it when you get a really good, deep sleep like that though! It feels the best! Work went ok and Robert met me for my lunch, which was lovely. We went to the Debenhams cafe and we sneaked in Diet Coke, because it is so expensive in there and like £2 for one small glass of juice! Afterwards back to work I went and the rest of the day went by quite quickly. 

Now here is where it gets exciting! We went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2!! Yay!! At long last I got to see it! Oh my goodness it did not disappoint!!!!!! I loved the twist so so much, although I was almost crying at some points of it! If you have seen it then you know what bit I mean, one initial - C! It just about gave me a flipping heart attack I tell you!! What a brilliant idea though, absolutely astounded I was!! Hehe! Now that is another franchise I will miss, now that its all finished!! Boohoo! When the film finished I just sat in the cinema for ages and ages, just completely in awe! Haha, Robert kept saying can we go now and all I could do was shake my head!! Once all the characters had went past, we left. When we noticed outside it was completely foggy and misted over. It was soo weird!! Not to mention cold! 

Awww, I am so going to miss Edward Cullen!! So yea if you have not seen that film yet then you just have got to go and see it!! It is phenomenal!! Hurry up! Go now!!


I had a bit of a freak out that day! I had to find something to wear for my Graduation!! Again straight after work I headed to New Look and I picked up a really nice black top, for £14.99. Thankfully!! I thought I was going to be in Silverburn for ages traipsing around trying to find something! When I got home I was really tired and bored, so I went on my dads Ipad. I ended up downloading an app for the cats. It was absolutely hilarious!! It's called Games For Cats. You just set it up and they have to tap the mouse, butterfly or laser depending on what they like. Every time the cats tapped the object it would make a noise, so the mouse squeaked etc. They probably did love the mouse the best to be honest. It was just so funny watching them play it!! 

They looked like they were having great fun!! If you have a cat and an Ipad, then I definitely recommend downloading this app! The cats were so entertained and not to mention they entertained me!! There are also some funny videos on Youtube of some crazy cats playing with it too!! Hehe

Also it was our weekly pub quiz on Monday nights too. It was a great quiz that night and we won!! By quite a lot too. So gooooo team!! We are so reayd for next weeks quiz, because we have got to win it again and this time get the bonus question correct, which will mean that we would win the jackpot!! As no winning team has correctly answered the bonus question for quite a few weeks now, it will be up to over £200 now! So we really want to win next week!! Wish us luck!! I was also getting really excited for my Graduation, which was the next day! More on that soon!

Well thats me now for that super long post! Hopefully you girlies enjoyed it!! Let me know!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love your dress its so cute! And the boots I need them!

    1. Thanking you lovely! Yea the boots are awesome!! :D

      Jen xxx

  2. Love your outfit, and the sparkly shoes! I might steal them actually... I loved (and still in love) with Breaking Dawn part 2, I loved the twist at the end, a-mazing!!! Your cats in the iPad is so cute!


    Have a nice weekend

    1. Hehe the are sooo amazing!!! yea how awesome was it?!!! i was in total shock!!! I know they are hilarious hehe

      Jen xxx


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