Monday, 13 August 2012

A Birthday and NOTD #2

Hi girls!! I have got a Nails Of The Day for you today! But first of all i just wanted to wish my amazing Robert a big....


Tehee!! He is going to be all grumpy that I told you guys that! He will probably be quite depressed today, because he doesn't like Birthdays any more, or so he says! I won't tell you his age because then he will be even sadder, but basically he is 5 years older than me (to find my age please look over to the right and down a little bit!) Hehe!! Bad Jen!! Don't worry Robert its just a wee bit of fun!!   Awww, he will be fine! Hehe

Any way to celebrate this happy (?! For me its happy!!)  occasion, I am going to post a couple of pictures of a little week away Robert and I took almost a year ago! We went to Palma in Majorca!  It feels like years and years ago we were there! It was just such a relaxing week of no worries, ice cream and sunshine!

Aww! Great memories!! Hope you enjoyed those wee photos Robert and of course readers! Hehe! So now onto my Nails Of The Day! I think the colour of my nails, match in nicely with the theme of Palma, which is bright and sunny! So here are my nails very bright and summery! Very unlike the weather that's going on in Glasgow at the moment!

I used two coats of Models Own Beach Party, from the Hed Kandi range! I absolutely love this colour! It makes me smile when I have it on my nails! Although my dad did wonder what on earth I had done to them! I replied you just don't know anything about fashion do you?! Hehe, he then just had a confused look on his face! I know this can sometimes get mixed reviews, as the colour is a hit or miss on your skin tone, but I love it! I got mine in Boots a while ago with a deal that was doing 2 polishes for £8, and I thought that was a great deal, as you get a large amount of polish in their bottles and for only £4 how can you complain?!

Everyone has to wish Robert a Happy Birthday now!! Hehe! He would probably like that very much!

Love, Jen x


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT!!! Great pictures and I love the nail color.

  2. Happy Birthday Robert! I am 28 and still love my birthdays! :) Lovely happy, bright colour to choose for a happy occasion! xx

    1. Thanks! :D I think I will be like you! i love birthdays and i dont know how you couldnt!! Hehe

      Thanks for your comment!

      Jen xxx

  3. Happy birthday Robert! I love the colour of the nail polish, hope you didn't get it for him! Hehe


    1. Hehe! nop i got him t-shirts and chocolate! which he liked very much so that was good! i dont think he would appreciate nail polish!! lol

      Thanks for your comment love!

      Jen xxx


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