Tuesday, 28 August 2012

No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation Review

Hi Girls! I have got a review for you today!

I have been using No7's Intelligent Colour Foundation on and off for years now. There is something about it that just keeps making me come back to it! I thought it was about time I reviewed it for you!

What No7 says:

"Ever so clever colour...Take away the guess work with a foundation that adjusts to match the colour of your skin for a sheer, natural finish."

"No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation is velvety soft, easily blended and so amazingly light you'll forget it's even there. With SPF 6 and vitamins A and E to protect and care for your skin, without blocking your pores."

No wonder I have been using it for years!! I really recommend this foundation! If you are looking for something that is light on the skin then this is for you! You do not feel it at all once it is on! I am always worrying about what I put on my face, because of the dry skin I get from my eczema, as I do not want to put something really heavy on that cakes all the dry skin up (lovely I know!), but honestly, I have no worries about this! As it is so light it does not affect dryness at all. 

I would say this is a liquid foundation, but as you are applying it it turns into a more mousse like consistency, which obviously again adds to the lightness of the foundation itself. I would say though that if you are looking for a full coverage, then this probably isn't for you. The coverage of this foundation is as suspected quite sheer. It can be built up to become light to medium coverage if desired though. Although there is a reason that this foundation is sheer and this is the intelligent part! Look at the product below on my hand and remember this is the "liight" colour choice...

Yea I know what you guys are thinking!! Why on earth is she putting that on her face?!?! Haha, do not fear this is a clever foundation! From the photo you can also see the more mousse like consistency I was talking about! This foundation somehow adjusts to my skin tone, so that I do not look like I have a mud face mask on my face!! You can see the photo below that half of the swatch is slightly blended in to show you the foundation at its work!

For a while I did actually use the "medium" colour option and it still worked well on my complexion! Oh and there is only three options for this, light, medium and dark. I think that that does kind of prove that this foundation is magic!! As No7 is not scared to just put three colour options out there, as most people would think that it wouldn't match them! I can guarantee that it will! I don't know how it is able to do what it does, but it works and it actually for me does cover up any imperfections that my skin has, but I don't think that I have a lot of blemishes on my skin, so that is maybe why. Also I might add, that when I use this foundation I only use an under eye concealer, as there is no need for it anywhere else! 

Ok so I will use the photo below as an example as to how great this product is! The left hand side of my face (the side where you can see the pink of my t-shirt) has got the foundation lightly applied to it and the right hand side has nothing except primer. I may also add that the only make up I have on in this photo is eye brow pencil and primer and then obviously the half with the foundation on it!

I guess the only way you can see that I am actually wearing foundation is due to the slight redness of my skin just under my nose and on my chin on the opposite side of my face. I told you that you girls should definitely not be put off by the colour that comes out of the tube! It blends into your skin amazingly and hides any discolouration that shouldn't be there along with it! I feel that when I have put it on slightly heavier that I still get the lightness of applying it, but also a flawless finish with a fresh tone to my skin! I guess when I first put it on my face, I feel as if it hasn't done anything to my skin, but I think it just takes a couple of minutes for the effects to kick in! 

I think this light coverage is great for any skin type too! Obviously I have told you girls it is great for dry skin and not drying it out any more, but also I do not see why it wouldn't be good for combination or even oily skin! I use this all the time and even on nights out, where I am in a really hot hot club and it doesn't move from my face! I obviously do use a good primer though! So this is a must for oily skin! I couldn't recommend this highly enough girls! Let me know if any of you have tried this foundation or in fact any of the other No7 foundations! You can get the Intelligent Colour Foundation at Boots for £15.50!

Love, Jen x


  1. I'm trying to find the right foundation for me, and this looks really natural, so I might be taking a trip down to the shops!!!



    1. Hey! you should deffo give it a go! :D

      Jen xxx

  2. Great review! I tried a bit in Boots the other day and she gave me a sample pot but I'm so tempted to get it now :)
    I usually use the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser but wanted something more affordable!


  3. Hi I was torn between light or medium ended up with medium but unsure if it's the right match for my skin? Is there much difference in the two colours . Thanks


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