Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gilly Hicks Haul!!!

Hi! I know, I know, a haul?! But you, Jen, are on a spending ban?! Yes, I do remember, but one of my rules was that I was allowed to buy things if I was on holiday! So as soon as I saw Gilly Hicks in Westfield shopping centre, I knew I was going to buy something in there and these were also the only things I bought (except food obviously)! So I think I behaved very well, while in  Westfield, which is basically one awesome shopping centre, all sparkly and shiny!

They seriously have theee most pretties bags, don't they?! Gilly Hicks does a lot of lingerie and lounge wear in case you didn't know. As I am on a spending ban, my subconscious mind must of just wandered deep into the shop and picked things up from the sale shelves! Clever Jen! Now in these shops its only when you look at the tag that you realise you are in the sale bit, so I was very chuffed with my items and also with the prices and so was Robert!! Hehe

Marl grey tshirt, this was £13.50.

Bright blue jumper, which was £23.50.

Bright pink hoodie, which was £26.50.

So overall, for quite an expensive store I think I got a good couple of bargains! Especially as I looked at another jumper not in the sale and it was £50!! Can I just say also that the material is super super soft!! Super pleased with my purchases and yes I know its a small haul! But hey, I'm on a spending ban and I'm really pleased I only bought this because while I was away a lot of money was spent!!! 

Have you got anything from Gilly Hicks? I have just found another store I love! Thank goodness there is not one in Scotland!!!

Love, Jen x


  1. great things you've bought :) I love gilly hicks and the material is really really soft :))

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

    1. Aww thank you! I just though they would be nice and cosy! So glad you agree on the softness :D hehe

      Thanks for your comment!

      Jen xxx

  2. What lovely items! I'm really jealous right now!


  3. Soo cute, I love that last zip up. I love a good bargain.


    1. It super comfy too :D which i love! Yea i was very pleased with the prices! and a bit shocked when i realised that it wasn't the full prices! hehe

      Jen xxx


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