Saturday, 25 August 2012

Spending Ban Update! #1

Hi girls!!

So as I'm one month into my 6 month spending ban, I thought I would let you all know how I'm doing!! If you want to see where this all started from then click here to see my rules and the reason behind the ban etc!

Well for this month, I would have done very well if it wasn't for the Olympics!!! Man oh man, that was a lot of money spent and probably most on getting there! Who knew fish and chips would cost £8.50 and a bottle of Diet Coke would cost £2.30!!!! Yea a lot of money was spent on juice!!! It wasn't very good in that respect, because it wasn't as if you could bring your own juice in either!! Although you could get free water from fountains, but then who would wait in a humongous queue for water?! So yea the Olympics, I think completely swiped a huge amount of money from both me and Robert. So in that respect, this month didn't go to well in the whole saving money front. I will say though when we weren't at the Olympics, I haven't spent as much as I used to! I feel as if I followed all the rules that I created for myself last month, the only things I have bought have been my Gilly Hicks clothes, which were allowed as I was on holiday, and then uniform for the shop I work in, which is also allowed! 

The only thing that I still need to cut out on is food. I still feel as if Robert and I are spending a lot of money on food, and this is proving to be a very hard habit to beat!!! We eat out all the time and it's not very good for us health wise or money wise!! We are bad!!! We do like takeaways and goodness knows how I stay so slim!! SO this is the only thing that needs sorting! Then I will be able to save much better! Petrol isn't really that big an issue for me as my car is very fuel efficient and I usually only have to fill the tank every two weeks, which is good! I don't mind paying for my car either as it means so much to me to be able to drive when ever and where ever I want.

Also, I have a great secret as to how I keep track on all my spending! My Lilly Pulitzer planner has been helping me huge amounts!! I like to put under every day just how much I have spent so I can then add up how much I have spent that week! Its a great thing to have a diary and to keep track of everything! I have found this extremely helpful and it also makes me more cautious of what I have bought, as I would rather be writing in as small a figure as possible per day! So I am very pleased to have it! If you want to have a wee look at my review on my planner then click here!

I have also been able to put money into my bank account, which has meant saving more too, as we keep a big jar of change in my house that when its full, I'm allowed to keep  the money! SO this has been a bonus for me this month! But it does take a long time counting it out into the little bags in order to take it to the bank! Although this is a very small amount of time to pay in regards as to what your getting out of it!! So I usually enjoy doing it, while watching tv! I hope the jar fills up again quickly!! Hehe!

Is anyone else doing a ban on there spending?! Let me know how you are getting along! I know next month there will be much more savings going on!! Thanks for reading!

Love, Jen x


  1. I'm glad you are keeping with it, and it's great to hear (read) that you are committed to doing so! I'm glad you posted about this because I was going to send you a message asking how you were going! Keep us updated!!!



    1. Hey!! Aww thank you lovely! thats so nice of you :D yup im going to do a monthly updates on the ban so you will definitely hear (read!! hehe) more :D

      Thanks lovely

      Jen xxx

  2. Woah, a 6 month ban? What a great idea! Goodluck :)

    Oh and I've just started a new blog, Its still new but would mean alot to me if you could check it out and follow ;)

    1. Hey! yea i know its kinda scary!! lol but i will manage it :D I will come and have a wee look :)

      Jen xxx

  3. Hi Jen,
    I stumbled on your blog by accident, and I think it is great! Keep up the good work :)



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