Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Extra Olympics Day!!

Hi girls! So if you read my other Olympic posts, then you will know that Robert decided to go and buy cycling tickets on Monday night... for the Tuesday morning! Haha, yes he is that mad, but now he has been banned from the Olympic tickets site! Hehe, although I am actually very pleased he did buy them, because we got to see the incredible Chris Hoy!

Ok so we left the house just after midnight on Monday and Robert drove through the night (or morning I guess? I never know what you should put for those 1 to 5am hours!). I was quite cheeky and slept most of the way down, but Robert had had a long lie on the Monday anyway, where as I had went to work! So I was allowed! Hehe. Anyway we arrived at Luton Parkway at 5.30am. Robert and I had wee nap and the went and got changed and ready for our day ahead! We got our train around 8 and then headed got the Javelin train when we arrived at St Pancras! We were really excited to be back in the Olympic Park and it never really felt like we had been  back home at all! Our event started at 10, so sadly we didn't get to have a McDonalds breakfast, like we had wanted, because the queues were huge! So we just got some snacky bits and headed over to the Velodrome!!

I love the pretty meadow flowers that were planted all over the park! Makes the place look more bright and colourful!

Ok girls! This is the worlds largest McDonalds!!! It doesn't actually look that big in this photo, but let me assure you it is humongous!!! This is probably able to do over 350 covers in one hour! Scariness! Its also only staying there during the Olympics, after the Paralympic games it will be taken down, after only around 3 months of being finished!

Yay to the Velodrome! We were just so excited to get into our seats, when we got to them, we realised we were in the front row!!! Eeeep! We were just sitting along from the start/finish line! It was awesome!! The Velodrome is all air tight and you have to wait for the inner doors to close before you can get in through the outer doors and vice versa. This is so that there will be no wind moving through the building and so they can keep the temperature at exactly 28 degrees Centigrade. So it was quite warm in there, for the athletes to keep their muscles warm I presume!

I got some great shots of Chris Hoy and Laura Trott who were the British entries for these races! Pictures below! oh and look out for the photo of Chris Hoy looking totally like Robocop!!! Quite funny!

Ahhh, it was a fun day! The Velodrome is such an amazing venue. When the cyclists were going round the track the crowd cheered along as they passed them! The noise was amazing circling round and round with the athletes! I love the picture below. You can see Park Live, the Olympic Stadium, the Orbit and the Aquatics Centre!

Hoodie - New Look
Scarf - River Island
Tshirt - Gilly Hicks
Bag - Paul's Boutique
Jeans - River Island
Shoes - Accessorize

The above picture I just added in because  think its really cool! It is the Coca Cola Beat Box. Basically all the sponsors have their own exciting stand to promote their product in the Olympic Park and this is Coca Cola's. We didn't actually take part in it as there was quite a queue and by this time we were desperately hungry for a McDonalds, which we eventually got! Haha so healthy! I love the design as I think it looks like an Olympic flame, but I guess that was the point! Apparently though it is a musical instrument, and you create music when you go into the structure! But any whoo!! We left the Olympic Park and then travelled back home! 

A great time was had and sadly this will be my last post of exciting Olympic events! Hope you enjoyed reading them!

Love, Jen x


  1. Hey Jen! This post is awesome! I loved watching the cycling on tv! And you got great pictures!!
    I still find it so strange that McDonalds is supporting the Olympics.. haha

    rach xxx

    1. Aww thank you!! yea so pleased that chris hoy got gold!! again!! hehe :D I know it is strange, but it would only have been the biggest companies because they would be able to pay the most! i still love a good mcdonalds tho!! haha

      Jen xxx

  2. It looks like you had a great view! Hope you had a great time!


    1. Yea it was a super seat! we were really surprised! a brilliant day was had :D thank you lovely!

      Jen xxx


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