Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Beauty Sins!

Hi girlies!!

Today I'm writing about my beauty sins!!! Eeek! But I'm sure we all have a few!! I saw this idea over on Rivosoave, which is the blog of lovely Rachael and is a blog I adore! Click here to see her post! Ok so onto my sins! 

Picking/Scratching My Skin

Ok so you all know by now about my Eczema! This completely terrorises my skin! When I scratch I basically rip my skin to shreds and its not nice and it not good!! Honestly I do not know how my skin can just keep healing itself from all my scratching and consequently picking at the scabs! Horrible, I know! It is just so hard to stop and I think knowing how much I am ageing my skin doing this makes it worse! I can't even enjoy the scratch if you get me! At the moment my arms get it the worst, then my neck and tummy are getting it pretty bad too! I think this is probably the worst beauty sin in the world, as you cause so much damage, but it is so hard to stop it! I just wish my skin was like this!!!

Not Removing My Make Up Before Bed

To be honest this is an old sin, but a pretty bad one. As I don't wear make up everyday, this usually applied to special occasions or nights out! This is obviously the worst time to not remove your make up too, as there is a lot of make up on your face!! However since I have bought my This works 5in1 Water Cleanser (review here) it is just so easy to quickly get it all off before I curl up into bed! So I guess this beauty sin has been solved!!

Not Washing My Make Up Brushes

I am so so so bad at this! I just have no time at all!! I know it is just super bad, because there will be so much bacteria in them. Also can I just add I don't own that many brushes either and I really really really want some of the Real Technique's brushes for my Christmas (Robert pay attention!!)! These ones please!! If I get these then I promise I will look after them and wash them regularly!! 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Yup this is bad, bad, bad!!! Is there not a way to make water (just plain water) actually taste nice?!? I mean I just cannot drink tap water, so I always try to buy bottled water. I feel as if I am doing a lot better than what I was. I just know that it is still not enough!! It would be a good day if I actually drank one litre of water! Especially as I have dry skin, water would be extremely good for it, but no I just can't get my brain into thinking "ooo water, more water please!!". Believe me I would like this very much! It would also be a step in the right direction as to getting my skin to look like the top picture!!! Hehe!

Rehydrate my skin!!

No Skin Care Routine

I do think the only reason I don't have one is because of the Eczema (again! I know..), but seriously I am totally scared as to what to use on my skin! I am terrified to change any cream I use just in case my skin gets worse! I would love to be normal and have to cleanse, tone and moisturise and all that jazz, but I just can't do it! I do cleanse my skin every second day or to take off make up, with my This Works cleanser and obviously I moisturise A LOT, but this is with my doctors prescribed moisturisers. That is probably the reason that you will not see a lot of skincare posts or reviews of products, because I am way to terrified to try them!! I bet any money that my skin's age would be probably twice my own because of this, which is again such a super scary thought! I'm going to look like I'm 50 when I'm 25!!! Ahhhhh!

all photos above courtesy of
Not Exercising Enough

Is this a beauty sin? I'm not sure, but any way I am including it! I don't exercise enough, I am lucky enough to have one pretty fast metabolism, which I think is starting to slow down, so I need to get exercising quick stat! I also drive everywhere which doesn't help, but I love driving my car around and to be honest I don't really have anywhere near me that I could walk too! So it is hard trying to get into exercising when one you don't like it and when 2 at the moment you don't necessarily need too!! I would love to start horse riding again ( I have ridden my whole life, but stopped about a year ago), but then this costs at least £20 a week where I stay, so that is pretty expensive, sadly! I should probably start going to the gym, but I would really hate going there and getting out of breath really quickly and also I cannot stand being sweaty!! This makes me want to scratch my skin like crazy and it is such a horrid feeling, that if I did start to scratch I would not be able to stop!! Haha, I don't even own a pair of trainers!!! So yea has anyone got any suggestions of easing into exercising again?

Cheeky photo Robert took when I was riding my Aunt's horse, Beau, a couple of years ago! Hehe! I miss riding so much!!

Do you girls have any beauty sins that you have to confess?! I bet they are not as bad as mine!! Let me know!

Love, Jen x


  1. I can agree with a few of your sins haha. I don't wash my make-up brushes enough (I also want the real techniques collection ;), I don't drink enough plain water & I don't have a set skin care routine (everything I try breaks me out!). xx

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    1. hehe!! i'm sure everyone has some sins really and they just pretend not too! honesty is the best policy!! hehe :D

      Jen xxx

    2. I completely agree Jen, even we beauty bloggers have some shameful little secrets, and I don't believe anyone who says they don't! Ha. If you fancy reading about some of my embarrassing admissions then I blogged about something similar a few months ago, here's the post: They are all still true now, unfortunately! Ha.
      Mel x

    3. Oh I shall have to come and have a wee look!! :D yea i know i'm sure everyone has something!! Thanks for letting me know! I like knowing i'm not the only one willing to admit them!! hehe

      Jen xxx

  2. I have to admit, I don't wash my make-up brushes, of take my make-up off before bed, or have a skin care routine (I'm lazy) but I have excema, and I use Aveeno prescribed by my doctor, and it works really well! It might help you, who knows :) great post thought!



    1. dont worry pet you have a couple of years yet before you have to start worrying about all that stuff!! hehe :) ooo yea i do have some aveeno to try, but as i said above i'm too scared to try it!! i will need to take the plunge and give it ago i think!! :)

      Thanks lovely!

      Jen xxx


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