Monday, 6 August 2012

My Olympics Day 2!

Ok so onto day number 2 of my Olympic adventure!! We had to events to look forward to on the Friday, which were rowing and hockey. So this will probably be a very long post! Probably mostly pictures for your perusal! Hehe!

We were staying really near Eton Dorney in Slough and were up really early as the event started at 9.30am! We had a very healthy breakfast, which comprised of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (haha!) and then hopped on a shuttle bus, which took up to the event!

When we got to our seats, we were kind of in shock. We had just collected our tickets from the box office and when we looked at them it said row 3! I know Robert had spent a lot of money on these tickets, so we knew we would get good seats, but when we actually got to them we were like oh my god! Seriously!!! We were right at the front right at the finish line!! Haha, we were so surprised and were sitting giggling to ourselves at these amazing seats we had!! It was very cool! Haha!!

So then the rowing began and it was a great atmosphere again! Obviously, because the rowers  start a long way off in the distance, you can't see them, but eventually hey come into sight and there's big cheers! There was a big screen, where you could see who had a good start and how they were getting on, so it was very exciting! It was just amazing being down right at the front. I hardly needed to zoom my lens in when the winners were doing a "row by" for the crowds! By the end of the races Team GB had won a gold and two bronze medals!! It was a very good day!

Scarf - River Island
Tshirt - H&M
Cardigan - River Island
Bag - Paul's Boutique
Jeans - Hollister
Shoes - Accessorize

Then it was sadly time to go! It was an excellent event for Great Britain and everyone looked extremely happy leaving the stands! Then we got a bud back to Slough and went and got the car! We had made a plan to park the car at a long stay car park at Luton Airport, which worked out very well for us, as there was a train station right next door and it only took 25 minutes to get into St Pancras Station! Our hotel was just along he road form the station so it was just a 10 minute walk to our next hotel! It was brilliant at St Pancras station as they were gving out free Strawberry Split ice creams! Very yummy!

After leaving our bags in our hotel room, we had to go back to St Pancras station to get the Javelin train to the Olympic Park! This train only takes 6 minutes to get there and then you have to walk through Westfield shopping centre to get to the Olympic Park entrance! 

The Olympic Park is absolutely amazing! Its like a Disneyland for sport!! Seriously, its the good! Despite everything being very expensive, we had our dinner and then worked our way down to the Hockey arena. I was actually astounded by how big it was! There were thousands of people watching. We don't really know very much about Hockey, but play is very fast and there were some good goals scored! We watched Spain vs. South Africa and the result was 3:2 to Spain! The crowd was mad! Doing loads of Mexican waves, it was great fun!

Then we had a wander through Park Live, which is this great place to relax and keep up to date with all the many thing going on at the Olympics with a huge big screen right in the middle!!

Then we had a look in the huge Olympic Mega Store, where Robert bought a jumper and also a souvenir toy London red bus for our nephew Robbie! Then We got this great photo of the Stadium! I especially love this photo as the Stadium must of turned pink just for me!! Hehe!

That was the end of our day, we just got the Javelin train back to St Pancras and went off to our hotel and went to sleep! Honestly I was super tired that night too! Although I was super excited about the next day as we had our Show Jumping event!!! I will be back tomorrow to tell you about that awesome day!

Love, Jen x


  1. I love these posts!!! I wanted tickets but my mum said its better to look at the tv screen... Never thought I'd hear mum telling me to watch tv!

    Hope you are enjoying yourself!!


    1. Aww! thank you :)well its really really hard to get tickets and they cost a lot! your mum is probably right and you get to see all the action when it on tv where, like the rowing you couldn't really see the start! lol yea i know usually they are telling you to stop watching the tv!!

      Thanks for your comment lovely :)

      Jen xxx


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