Friday, 10 August 2012

Friday's Letters #8

Hi girls, so its Friday again! These weeks are going soo fast!! As usual i'm doing the link up with Ashley, find her great blog here!

Dear Random Wandering Dog, why do you do this to me?! I see you outside the shop at my lunchtime and your just wandering around, so I sit and wait to see if your owner comes out of a shop. Nop, you just wander away up the road. So I go round the corner and park and walk down to see if I can catch you, because you have a collar on and are a really handsome cream German Shepard, so you must be lost! But no you still wander away from me and change your course!! I now feel really guilty in case something bad happens to you or you get run over! I was going to phone the Scottish SPCA (an animal charity), but now I would have no idea where you are, as I am now back in work! I'm sorry that I couldn't help you, but I was whistling for you and you still didn't hear or see me. I hope your ok and your owner has found you! Dear Robert, I hope you having a fantastic time down in Weymouth, watching the Sailing event! I can't believe this is your 7th (!!!) Olympic event! I really do feel for your bank balance! Hehe!  I hope the weather is good! Dear Mum and Dad, I hope you have a great time down in the Olympic Stadium tomorrow!!! Haha, mum you were so funny and excited leaving the house, stating that you felt like a little kid!! Haha and dad don't get lost, I have told you how to get to your hotel so many times!! You must have it in your head memorised by now! Oh and also how is everybody going to Olympic events now?! Haha, although I really shouldn't complain, I have had my fill with 5 events! Oh and mum, try not to drive dad too demented by dragging him round Westfield for too long! Dear Friday Night, I'm going to have a nice relaxing night, with no one in the house to disturb me! Just me and my little cats! Haha, crazy cat lady anyone? Dear Sunshine, you are great and you make everything seem so bright and happy! Yay for a warm couple of days!! Dear Spending Ban, I think going to London has been very bad, for you! What a naughty holiday! I shall be very very good, to try and make it back up! Although I really need to buy uniform for the shop I work in, but its ok I'm allowed to aren't I?! Dear Ashley, thank you for creating such an awesome link up!! its great that so many people keep coming back to write their letters! You have created a brilliant way to read new blogs! Thanks again, you are fab!!

Love, Jen x


  1. Fab letters!


  2. What great letters! Happy Friday!


  3. Great letters!



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