Friday, 21 September 2012

A Friday's Letters Request!

Hi girls!

So as usual on Fridays, I am doing my letters, which is hosted by the amazing Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds! Although today's will be slightly different! Today's letters is more of a request if you like, a request asking for pen pals or email pals!

Dear Prospective Pen/Email Pals, hello! My name is Jen and I am looking to make new friendships! I am 22 and I live in Glasgow, Scotland and would love to find people who live all over the world to talk to! I would especially love to find people in America, as I love it there and everything about the USA fascinates me! Although even if you live in the UK too and you are looking to make a new friend then let me know! I don't mind! I love animals, travelling and everything girly! I would love to talk to you about blogging (if you have a blog, if not it doesn't matter!), about your life, about your dreams, anything really! I would love it if just one person got back to me, but the more the merrier! Maybe you are like me and are looking to find someone completely out of the way to talk to about your life too I am the same! It would completely make my whole month, heck probably year, if someone felt like they wanted to have a chat with me! It could be through email or we could even write proper letters to each other!! How fab would that be to receive proper letters through the post again?! Or we could do it both ways! I honestly don't mind! If this sounds like it may be of interest to you, and I hope it does (!!), then please either leave me a comment below or send me an email to! Please don't hesitate about emailing me, because I would love to hear from you!!!

Love, Jen x

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