Saturday, 1 September 2012

Disney Film Favourites!

Hi Girls! 

A bit of a random post for you today, but hey its my blog and I can write about anything I want! I'm sure some of you girls like it too!! Hehe! So as you probably all know I love Disney a lot!! I probably like it way to much than a 22 year old should, but I don't care!! Haha! It is probably really sad that when I go to Disneyland Resort in California, I will be trying to meet as many characters as I can!! Oh and also going on all of the rides! I can't wait!! So to celebrate my love for Disney, here are some of my favourite films, characters and moments!! Oh and by the way you will be reading the word "love" a lot!!
Love Dopey!! Although the witch scared me half to death when I was little!!!

This has always been the saddest part of any Disney film for me! floods of tears come out when ever I watch this part of Dumbo!

"B b b b bi bir bir bird! Bird!" So cute!

I loved this scene in Cinderella where her mice and bird friends made her dress!

When I was a little girl I wanted to be called Alice, because I loved the film so much!

Yup, I'm sure we all know this scene!! 

This was my favourite moment from Sleeping Beauty! It's so funny!!

The squirrel scene from Sword in The Stone is so cute! But its really sad, when Arthur turns back into a boy and the little girl squirrel is so sad! Awww!!

I adored Eeyore!!

I think the Little Mermaid was probably one of my all time favourites! Loved this moment so funny!!

I think Beauty and the Beast was probably one of the most romantic of the Disney films, don't you think?

Haha! I loved Abu, such a cutie!

So much wisdom for a kids movie! I think Disney probably taught me A LOT!!

My absolute favourite Disney song, ever, Colours of the Wind. I could still sing all the words! Pocahontas is probably my favourite Disney film, along with The Little Mermaid.

I always loved watching this part of A Goofy Movie, where Max sang Stand Out.

Haha! I loved Mushu! 

I loved Tarzan! When Tarzan and Jane met, it was just hilarious!

Eeep!! Lilo and Stitch was one amazing film and it was so funny! I was so excited to go to Hawaii, because of this film!!! Hehe

Awww!! Wall-E and Eve! I thought this was such a great film and such cute characters too!

Bolt!!! I loved Mittens and Rhino! Hilarious!!

I loved Pascal!! So cute that I want one! Tangled was a really good film, that I could probably watch again and again!

And that, you will be glad to know, is that!! I was definitely a Disney kid when I was young, with all the films and toys, and I guess I still am at heart as some of these films were out very recently!!! Have I chosen any of your favourites?! Or have you do you love a Disney film that I haven't chosen? 

Love, Jen x


  1. I love that you love Disney as much as I do. I am always giddy when I get to go back to Walt Disney World. My favourites are beauty and the beast, sword in the stone, Lion king and one you didn't mention- Robin Hood. Have a great weekend!

    1. hehe!! I went to orlando when i was 7 and i remember it as just being so magical! i cant wait to go to the california one in march!!! :D :D yea i was gonna put robin hood in cause i used to watch it every xmas! lol strange but true, but then i thought the list was getting too long! i could have done all of them!! hehe :D

      Jen xxx

  2. I love disney films too.

    I love Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan too!!

    I also love Mary Poppins (a classic, Enchanted, The Princess and the frog. Most of them really. I have such a love for Disney from childhood. I think the brilliant music helped to turn me into such a musical lover.

    Sorry for the really long comment.

    1. I love long comments!! :D do not say sorry for that!! hehe it means that the person have taken time to write it out which is always nice!! i totally agree with the music i used love singing along to them when i was little and probs still now hehe!!!

      Jen xxx

  3. Don't you just love a Disney film! I don't think I hate any of them. My favourite has to be Snow White, but the witch scared me when I was little :)



    1. Haha i always remember watching snow white when i was about 4 and then hiding behind my dad when the witch turned herself into the old hag! i was terrified!!! hehe i know i dont hate any either!! :D

      Jen xxx

  4. The with in snow white still scares me when she turns into the old hag!!! I love Disney probably way to much than I should too.......




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