Sunday, 9 September 2012

Benefit Go Tropicoral Kit!

Hi girls!

So as you probably all have guessed by now, I love Benefit products, which is why while on my spending ban I have went and bought one of their brand new colour kits, that were just launched yesterday! I had said to myself as soon as I had known they were coming out, which was before my spending ban had started that I could buy this kit! As soon as I say the Tropicoral kit I knew that I just had to have it!!

So this kit comes with four deluxe mini's of Benefit's Cha Cha Tint, High Beam, Coralista blush and the new Coralista lip gloss! All products I have not got and all I have been desperate to try!!

The packaging as per Benefits usual is gorgeous and I love the box, especially the leopard print edges!!

The kit also comes with a great little tips and tricks guide as to how to use each product. I love these little manuals you get with all the products  from Benefit, as they usually have a little idea in them that you wouldn't have thought of! Then obviously there is a mirror inside too!

Now onto the products themselves!

Now I absolutely adore my Posie Tint (which I use on my lips a lot!) and I cannot wait to get trying this! It looks very orangey, but I can see a slight pink tinge to this too, which I think will look fab on the lips and cheeks!

Now onto High Beam, which is a highlighter, that can be used on your cheekbones, brow bones and even down the centre of you nose and also on your cupids bow! I already have Benefit's Sun Beam highlighter (see review of that here) and I adore using it! So I am hoping that I will love this just as much!I like that you can use it in different areas of the face to Sun Beam, as it more a flesh tone colour.

The swatch below is blended out so you can see the shimmer and the light it could add to your face! So pretty!

Now onto Coralista!! I adore the Benefit blushers (see my review here), so I know I will love this product, as I am in desperate need of a proper coral blush! I cannot wait to start using it! Also how cute is the dinky little brush you get with it!!! Hehe, so cute and fluffy!!

Below is the swatched blush, looks gorgeous! You can see the pink, peach, orange and gold all running through it!

Then lastly onto the Coralista lip gloss! The gloss is a gorgeous orange coral which has no glitter or shimmer in it. Really pretty and would look fab over Cha Cha Tint! Also the packaging of their new lipglosses are super easy to use and as this is a mini, it is super cute size!!!

I am really glad I got this kit! I can see me using it all the time!! They also brought out two other colour kits, just in case you don't fancy the coral one. They are called Sugarlicious (which is focused around Sugarbomb) and Feelin' Dandy (which is focused around Dandelion). You can get each kit for £24.50, which I think is a great price for the four products you get inside!

What do you think of these new kits from Benefit then? Which one would you buy? Let me know!

Love, Jen x


  1. I've been dying to try coralista for a longgggggg time! These kit's look so great.

    Charlotte xo

    1. I am so glad I got this kit :D you should deffo give Coralista a try! its super pretty!!

      Jen xxx

  2. Loving the kit! I'm going to add it to my Christmas list :)


    1. Ooo yea i have got loads of make up going onto my xmas list this year!! I hope you get it :D

      Jen xxx

  3. This post is adorable, my love!

    Lots of kisses,



  4. Looks great and the box is cute.
    I just came across your blog, lets follow each other?

    Dusana :-)


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