Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Happiness For Me Is...

Hi girls!! I thought I would do a happy post today!! Here is a selection of things that just make my life better!!

1. Getting to spend loads of time with Robbie! I love hanging out with this cheeky little guy!! Robbie is 2 and a half and is Robert's nephew (and mine too!). He is just such a character! We get to take him out quite often and we took him for dinner last night to Pizza Hut. We had a great laugh and little Robbie was up on a big bouncy castle with slides and he was just hilarious! He kept shouting "out of my way" when he was at the top of the slides! He had just went through a ring and another boy was trying to come through after him and as Robbie stood up he bumped into the other boy so he fell back through the ring, Robbie ran off laughing and honestly his cheeky face was hilarious!! He ran off and kept looking behind! He totally knew he had done something naughty! Haha!!

Robbie also went on a little Bob the Builder ride and when it moves the theme tune plays, cue Robbie trying to sing the song very loudly!! Honestly just so funny! I really love feeling like a little family, the three of us out together. Although it is quite nice to give him back after a lot of running around! He is just the best behaved two year old though!! 

2. Having a cute little bar of Bubbly chocolate to eat at work!! Seriously though!! So cute and so yummy!!!

3. I love driving my car. You just have total freedom, I don't mind driving anywhere at all! At work sometimes I will have to deliver a tender and I get to go on an adventure trying to find a place I have never been before! I love having a look at Google maps before I leave and memorising the route and then off I go on a little trip! Makes me very happy just to drive the roads how they should be driven and have good music playing that  I can sing along too! Ooo anyone notice the rainbow in my wing mirror below?! Hehe!

4.  Reading the blogs I follow and watching my favourite Youtubers!! At the moment I love EssieButton, FleurDeForce (and obviously FleurDeVlog!), The Camera Lies Beauty and of course Sprinkle Of Glitter! Getting to watch these girls just make me smile! They are quite hilarious and after work it is great to get to watch a video or two to brighten the day! 

5. Being with Robert! He is honestly they best boyfriend I could ever ask for! Yes he can be annoying (more like very annoying!) at times (hehe!), but he is just amazing! He knows me so well that it can be scary at times, but I am honestly the luckiest girl in the world to have this man on my side! You make me very happy Robert! I hope you know that!

Love you, gorgeous man!!!

6. My cats! They are just my little furbabies and coming home to them everyday makes me smile! They are the cutest little cats ever and are forever amusing me with their tricks and cheekiness!! They have some of the funniest personalities I know! Here are the cheeky cats now:::
My cheeky, but cuddly tiger, Flo!

My dainty little hunter, Alice!

7. Going to our weekly pub quiz! Every Monday night Robert and I go to a great little pub quiz! My parents have now been coming along too for a month now and it is great fun! I enjoy it very much and have won it a fair number of times! If you have a pub quiz near you then I really recommend you go!! 

What makes you girlies happy?! 

Love, Jen x


  1. I love pub quiz nights! There's one back in Ontario that I always go to with a bunch of friends- soooo much fun! Even when we're totally wrong all the time! haha.

    1. Hehe!! they are a good laugh!! :D

      Jen xxx

  2. Robbie is so cute! I love your cats, they are so cute as well! I love the picture of you and Robert :)




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