Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spending Ban Update #2

Hi girls! So we have come around to the second update of my spending ban! I cannot believe I have been on it for two months!

This month has had good moments and bad moments! Good moments being not buying anything!! Bad moments being buying naughty things, that I maybe should not have! First of all if you want to catch up on how I have been doing and what this spending ban is for, check out here and here

So I guess I have had 4 naughty purchases! The first of these purchases, I guess was very much needed and that was my Muji storage, which you can find a post about it here! I am really glad I bought this though, as it has helped me get my room organised better! It looks great with all my make up inside it too!!! Check that out here! One of my very naughty purchases was Debenhams online! I was so very bad and bought three things, one of which was needed, but the other two were just indulgences!! I was so set on just buying the one item I needed, but then saw that you got free delivery when you spent over £30! So instead of paying just an extra £3 for packaging, I fell for the offer and spent another £18 instead!! Hmmm... I have no idea where my logic went in that moment!! However I did buy my first MAC purchase, which was a big deal to me! So I guess that was ok! Sort of.... The only other bad thing I bought was my Benefit Go Tropicoral Kit, which I knew I was going to have to buy as soon as it came out, basically as soon as I saw that it was being released, which was in June I think! So basically that was the one thing I had in my mind that Iw as allowed to buy during my ban! 

The one purchase, which I have not told you about yet, but is a small clothing haul! Eeep bad Jen! I caved into New Look! I will be doing a post hopefully tomorrow on it so keep your eyes peeled! It was weird though, because I haven't actually ventured into a shop for I would say moths where I was going to buy clothes. So when I was in there it felt so strange, as if my whole mindset had changed. I felt so guilty about picking an item up and keeping it in my hand. At one point I almost psyched myself out, prepared to just leave my three items on a random stand and just run out the shop!! It was quite traumatic in a way! This is completely different to how I used to feel when shopping for clothes, because I used to love just picking up everything I liked and then just buying it! I guess the spending ban has really hit home hard and is always in my mind! I think that it is a good thing, as I did have to force myself to go to the till, maybe this is a good thing, but then maybe I should have just walked away! I'm not sure! One of the items was one thing I definitely needed and was looking for and the other two are to wear now that the weather has gotten a lot colder already! Look out for the post! Also as I had been in New Look two Fridays ago to get something to wear to Roberts Nana's funeral it felt like a completely different shop than the one I was in on Sunday. As before I had been looking for a set thing, which was a black dress and cardigan (which in itself is something so abnormal for me as I NEVER wear black), I knew what I was there for and I now realise that when you walk in with maybe something not so specific in mind this can be the problem!

I also had to buy some uniform for working at the shop. That is allowed in my rules, as I have to wear the clothes they sell, but I did also buy some scarves and other bits and bobs, that I wouldn't necessarily wear to work, but as I get 70% of them then I didn't think I was being too bad!

I mean when I think that if I had not bought all those things above that I would have saved probably £250 then I guess that kind of hurts, but I think also to get you through a spending ban and especially a six month one, then you do need to keep a realistic head and not just think you will not buy anything! Because as I have found out you probably will need to buy something!  I do think that next month though I will really limit myself and not let myself wander into shops, with the idea in my head that I can buy something, which happened on Sunday! Also, I think again the area I am really failing in is buying food, as we go out so so much for dinner or get take aways! We really need to get a good system in where we can actually cook! Keeping my fingers crossed! I could really save a tonne of money if we are able to do this!

This month coming up will be good I hope! I have got to pay off the rest of our holiday! Hopefully I will have that in my account! Eeeep! After that it will basically be starting to save again from scratch!! Although then I do have plenty of time to save up lots of money for the big holiday in February!! 

Are you on a spending ban? How are you finding it?

Love, Jen x


  1. Aw Jen! I loved reading this! Especially since I have just started out on my student budget and have adopted a rather terrible mindset of "I have extra money, so I'm going to spend it!!" Very proud of you missy! This is not so bad for an entire month whilst under a strict spending ban!
    Good luck for next month!

    Rachael XX

    1. Hey! Thank you! that was such a lovely message!! hehe yea thats what i was like when i started working! I was out buying stuff every pay day! bad idea!! hehe

      thanks for the luck :) i will probs need it!! hehe

      Jen xxx

  2. You're doing really well! You've saved £250, and only brought 4 little things! I think I might need to join you :)



    1. hehe! no i meant that i would have saved £250 if i had not bought those things! meaning i have spent that much on them! eeep! i have saved more than £250 thank goodness :) im not sure how much but hopefully on the £1000 mark!! :)

      Jen xxx


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